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OmniBus Systems launches Sentinel

OmniBus Systems announced the launch of Sentinel, a proactive remote monitoring service for customers of the iTX automation and transmission platform. Sentinel is designed to provide an unprecedented level of transmission and automation support for broadcasters by using statistical analysis of real-time data in the log files to deliver a daily health report on the customer site.

Sentinel uses a small, passive application at the customer site to automatically gather data from the iTX log files and upload a series of system reports to OmniBus every 24 hours. The software analyzes trends and identifies certain types of warnings and errors that the customer may be unaware of. If a site's health rating changes, the software sends an automated alert to support staff. This service allows OmniBus to alert customers to potential errors or hardware failures before they happen, and to advise the customer when inefficient operating practices could be improved. Data from the Sentinel service also feeds directly into OmniBus R&D, supporting the continuous development and optimization of the platform.