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OmniBus announces iTX 1080p24 playout support

OmniBus Systems’ iTX automation and playout solution now supports 1080p24 playout. This system gives broadcasters all the elements they need to run a full 1080p24 operation out of the box from encoding and asset management through to master control effects, graphics and caption generation. Conventional systems have been tied to the time code standard rates of 25fps and 30fps. The new iTX support frees the broadcaster from the limitations of existing time code standards.

Version 1.2 also delivers enhancements and new features including schedule preview; Omneon reference file support; multilanguage support; audio engine with native Dolby surround encoding; support for multiregional breaks and opt-outs; automated insertion of evergreen content for disaster recovery; capabilities for newsflash and roll-under situations; and live, instant random-access playback for news and sports programming.

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