Omneon’s MediaDirector increases file transfer capacity

MediaDirector 2202 raises the bar for broadcast video servers with increased capacity for channel count, edit seats and file transfers.
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Omneon’s MediaDirector 2202 delivers 600MB/s IP bandwidth to support more client seats.

Omneon introduced the new MediaDirector 2202 for the Omneon Spectrum video server system at IBC2009. Designed to meet the growing demand for greater numbers of SD and HD channels, more network file access bandwidth and a greater number of edit seats used in fast-paced production environments, the MediaDirector 2202 extends the Omneon Spectrum server by delivering nearly an order-of-magnitude increase in total system bandwidth, enabling many more simultaneous real-time channels.

A single MediaDirector 2202 delivers up to 600 MB/s of IP bandwidth, which allows for a higher client seat count accessing a single storage pool and more simultaneous high-speed file transfer operations.