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Omneon to Unveil New MediaDeck Server System

At NAB2007, Omneon Video Networks will introduce MediaDeck, a compact integrated media server system based on the company's flagship Spectrum media server. MediaDeck integrates media storage, system management, Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, and SD or HD video I/O modules in one convenient 2 RU package.

MediaDeck consists of eight 500 GB SATA disk drives with dual-parity RAID, providing 3 TB of useable storage with protection even in the event of two drive failures. The system also features modular I/O components, so users can mix and match modules to fit their needs. SD modules for ingest and playout (up to six channels per unit) and HD ingest modules (up to two channels per unit) are available.

MediaDeck is designed for small stations and other users requiring a standalone server that is affordable, reliable, and compatible with existing automation systems and workflows. It can also be used as an ingest station for an Omneon MediaGrid active storage system.

NAB2007 will also mark the debut of a new family of media interface components for the Omneon Spectrum media server, adding integrated HD encoding capability to the platform. The new HD encoders (the MediaPort 5000 series) provide integrated HD ingest, enabling an end-to-end SD or HD ingest and playout solution from Omneon.

Initially, the new Spectrum HD ingest MediaPort 5000 modules will be available as MPEG-2 HD encoders supporting both I-Frame and Long GOP formats in bitrates ranging from 20 to 80 Mbps. They are available in single- or dual-channel configurations.

Omneon will be in booth SU1326.