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Omneon Server Mixes SD, HD

The latest version of Omneon's Spectrum server features the ability to simultaneously playback HD and SD content on either the same channel or independent channels. This is made possible with the introduction of the company's MultiPort 4100 series, a family of interface devices for MPEG-2 decoding that supports SD and HD material.

Incorporating built-in up- and down-conversion capabilities, the MultiPort 4100 series can place SD and HD content on the same timeline. SD and HD material can be mixed onto a single channel or used to create two simultaneous output channels, one for SD and another one for HD feed.

In addition to outputs for SDI video, HD-SDI video, audio, timecode and control, each MultiPort 4100 also includes connectors to allow for the use of external up- and down-conversion equipment. When an external conversion device is used, the MultiPort 4100 series has built-in adjustable frame-delay compensation to maintain audio/video synchronization.

The MultiPort 4100 series can be added to any existing Omneon Spectrum media server to add integrated HD playout capabilities easily.

Omneon will be in Booth SU10724.