Omneon introduces HD MediaPort for Spectrum servers

At NAB2007, Omneon Video Networks introduced the MediaPort 5000 series, a new family of media interface components for the Omneon Spectrum media server that adds new HD encoding and other capabilities to the platform.

The MediaPort 5000 series provides integrated HD ingest, facilitating an end-to-end HD or SD ingest and playout solution. As a modular Spectrum component, MediaPorts can be connected to any existing Omneon Spectrum media server to add new HD ingest functionality and can be mixed with other MediaPorts for SD within the same system. Multiple MediaPorts can be connected to a single Spectrum system to satisfy multichannel ingest or playout requirements.

The company's first model is the MediaPort 5300 multirate MPEG- 2 HD encoder. The MediaPort 5300 uses high-performance codec technology licensed from Sony. The new codec technology supports MPEG-2 HD encoding in both I-Frame and long-GOP formats and in bit rates ranging from 18Mb/s to 78Mb/s.

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