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Nucomm launches ProQ DTV IFB Receiver

The new Nucomm ProQ DTV IFB receiver is designed for ENG IFB applications that rely on DTV transmission, monitoring DTV signals through a DVB-ASI output and streaming video over an IP connection to a laptop or other IP-enabled device.

The ProQ DTV IFB receiver features dual UHF/VHF antennas, two advanced silicon tuners and sixth-generation VSB demodulators. The ProQ is 5in x 1.75in x 8.5in.

The ProQ contains an MPEG Layer 1/Layer 2 audio decoder that is capable of decoding two independent sound programs, providing up to four audio channels and using bit rates as low as 32Kb/s for each. Coupled with a low-latency audio encoder and properly designed DTV packet insertion, total audio latency can be less than 80ms. Audio output is via a five-pin XLR connector.

Broadcasters can select the DTV channel and audio program PIDs to use via the menus on the front-panel LCD display or the Web interface. The interface can also be used to map the IFB audio channels to the XLR outputs, internal speakers or headphones.

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