Nucoda improved grading with 64-bit software

Image Systems of Sweden has launched the latest version of its Phoenix software for film and archive restoration, incorporating 64-bit processing to boost speed and performance for memory intensive projects such as 4K. Phoenix now delivers interlaced motion estimation tools providing restoration and enhancement for any tape format. According to the company, this allows users for the first time fully to correct and deliver projects of mixed film and tape media within a single timeline.

The new software was used on key projects in the run up to this launch. Film and digital laboratory Éclair was one of the first Image Systems customers to restore a project in 4K using Phoenix when it completed the restoration for Pathé’s 1940s French masterpiece Les Enfants du Paradis.

Users can now select any layer to create intermediate caches. Tools have been added to easily manage and replace cached material on the timeline when the original material has been changed or updated. A simplified effects selection, new review and scrubbing modes and improvements to the bookmark system, allow users to work faster.

Based on feedback from customers the new user interface updates will simplify, speed up and enable greater freedom when restoring high resolution material.