NTP Technology introduces 625 MADI router

NTP Technology introduced the NTP 625 MADI router, a 2048 x 2048 crosspoint router, at IBC2010.

The new router is a 19in 5RU frame, complete with dual controller and dual power supply unit. Up to 18 MADI cards with four MADI input and output interfaces can be accommodated. Each frame has a TDM bus capacity of 2048 channels at 48kHz sampling rate. Two frames can be interconnected using the NTP XBus connection for 3072 channels.

The 625 MADI router provides a fully nonblocking routing switcher solution. A typical 2048 x 2028 MADI router requires eight MADI interface cards. If the full MADI capacity is not needed, the frame also can be configured with analog and digital AES3 cards. The router is controlled and supervised via TCP/IP and UDP using the NTP Router Control System.