Nortel shows IPTV, IMS via 4G WiMAX network

Nortel demonstrated real-time, multimedia IPTV and IMS services over a live high-speed, 4G WiMAX network at the WiMAX World trade show in Boston, October 10-12.

The company’s demonstration showed a variety of ways TVs and other devices can be used for personalized, high-speed communication and entertainment services, such as broadcast video, video-on-demand, VoIP, instant messaging, gaming and click to call.

In Nortel's demonstration, an IPTV service over a live high-speed WiMAX connection was used to view and download broadcast TV (via a 4Mb/s stream) with an integrated electronic program guide. With this was users’ shared instant messages and pictures captured on screen or from other devices with other viewers. The demonstration also showed click-to-call capability, enabling viewers to make VoIP calls using IMS.

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