Nokia Ozo VR Camera Integrates Comprimato Technology

BRNO, CZECH REPUBLIC—Nokia has announced that it is adding Comprimato’s JPEG2000 software codec to its 360-degree virtual reality camera Ozo. The cameras output of eight 2Kx2K sensors will be compressed and packaged into a single stream, which Comprimato decodes in software for live monitoring and responsive post-production for rendering and real-time views.

Nokia Ozo

With the JPEG2000 software codec, the Ozo’s eight output streams and rendered together into an immersive virtual environment. The decoder uses Comprimato’s GPU accelerated processing, allowing users to see what is being shot. The consistency of the JPEG2000 encoding ensures post-production stitching is seamless, according to Comprimato.

Comprimato will showcase its JPEG2000 software codec at the upcoming 2016 NAB Show at its booth, SU13305.