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NKK Switches offers diverse product line at NSCA

Scottsdale, AZ-based NKK Switches has announced plans to display a diverse product range at the upcoming NSCA Expo in Orlando, FL. Designed to meet the needs of engineers in the AV and broadcast markets, this array of switch-based product solutions will be on display in booth #1373.

NKK's HB2 series of subminiature switches features quiet actuation combined with crisp tactile feedback. Full-face illumination with a choice of red/green or red/yellow bicolor LEDs and simultaneous bicolor illumination, which produces amber, are available. The HB2 features a cap size of 7.5mm square and 17mm in overall height.

The JB series of low-profile, process-sealed tactile switches provides a choice of dimensions from the PCB to the top of the cap, with terminal spacing that conforms to standard PCB grids. The JB series features crisp tactile feedback and a choice of three LED colors.

NKK's UB series of low-profile pushbuttons feature bright and superbright LEDs in multiple colors as well as bicolor options. The combination of PCB mountability and 10mm body height allows for use in tight spaces. The UB2 series is unique in appearance, featuring a wide selection of illumination effects with single and bicolor, one- or six-element LEDs, in flat, sculptured or beveled caps.

KP01 devices offer silent switch actuation in tactile or non-tactile versions. These switches are designed to be the same height off the PCB board as NKK's IS series of programmable LCD switches.

The programmable IS series from NKK is a favorite among engineers. This programmable LCD switch offers brilliant and varied backlight illumination including RGB versions, and also includes compact off-the-shelf display modules. NKK supports these devices with development kits, accessories, logic boards and more.

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