Nextamp delivers TV coverage monitoring with automatic detection, capture

INFOkontor has launched the Inviga content-tracking service in Germany based on Nextamp’s video watermarking technology.

Inviga offers automatic, 24-hour monitoring of 20 German channels and will expand to cover European TV stations. It automatically and accurately detects and records any broadcast of all or part of the tracked video material.

At the heart of the service is the Nextamp monitoring system, consisting of watermark embedder and reader devices. The NexEmbedder can be operated by end users to insert an invisible watermark, which serves as a virtual barcode, in images during post-production or live feeds. The NexReader simultaneously analyzes the video, reads each occurrence of an invisible watermark, generates a transition storyboard and captures the audio/video content in digital format. Then, a central server consolidates the data and generates an SQL database to build reports with customized layout. The online report offers summary views per channel or per piece of content and detailed detection data including TV channel, date, time, duration and content ID.

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