NewTek TriCaster Mini 4K Gets Software Update

(Image credit: NewTek)

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek’s TriCaster Mini 4K live multicamera video production system has received an update that is designed to help give lone producers and small teams the ability to produce network-quality shows.

Part of the updates for the TriCaster Mini 4K is an easy setup with live production capabilities, including broadcast-quality, fully customizable virtual sets. The system can deliver broadcast graphics, media playback, one-touch automated control, multichannel remote Skype video calling, integrated replay, social media integration and more in up to full UHD p60 resolution.

One of the new features offered by the update is Live Story Creator, which allows an individual to run an entire production from a Microsoft Word document, NewTek says. A script built in Microsoft Word includes trigger actions when loaded into the TriCaster Mini 4K.

There is also LivePanel, which introduces a customizable, browser-based remote control of the TriCaster Mini 4K from anywhere on the same local area network. This enables anyone to control live switching, compositing, mix/effects, media playback, audio, automation and more from devices like a tablet, smartphone or laptop. Configurable macros are also now supported.

TriCaster Mini 4K also has two channels of Skype input for simultaneous guest contributors to participate. It will also ship with two new Spark Plus IO 4K p60 encode/decode converters, enabling IP-based, NDI-first workflows using existing inputs and outputs.

NewTek is now offering the TriCaster Mini 4K for $7,995.

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