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NewTek introduces HD portable live production system

NewTek has introduced TriCaster TCXD300, a portable production system that offers HD and SD live multicamera switching, full HD streaming, live HD virtual sets, HD titling, HD digital disk recording, HD editing, audio mixing, efficient workflow and multiple effects layers.

With the TCXD300, users can:

  • Mix source resolutions and aspect ratios (including HD and SD video).
  • Use virtual cameras to smoothly zoom and pan within live virtual sets without adjusting their cameras.
  • Layer up to five live video or computer generated sources (internal or supplied by a network).
  • Achieve a network-quality live production with graphics, titles and animated overlays on top of their live video.
  • Edit HD and SD video on the same timeline in real-time with the integrated, resolution-independent video editor.
  • Stream their full HD production directly to the Web in their choice of profile, including superior quality 720p, with simultaneous archiving for later viewing.
  • Display cameras, clips and iVGA unlimited networked computer inputs with the on-screen ISO monitor for all switcher inputs (internal and external).
  • Record their live production in full HD 1080i resolution by pressing one button.
  • Enlarge their workspace with enhanced secondary video output for projector or second monitor (up to 1920 x 1200), which offers varied displays including Program, Preview, Effects, all ISO sources, color scopes and more.

With TriCaster, anyone can simultaneously produce, live stream, broadcast and project HD or SD network-style productions. A single operator or small team can create sophisticated productions while switching between three cameras, five virtual inputs and live virtual sets, while automatically inserting clips, titles and motions graphics with multichannel effects.