NewTek Debuts 3Play 3P2 Replay System

NewTek 3Play 3P2
(Image credit: NewTek)

SAN ANTONIO—NewTek has unveiled its latest product, the 3Play 3P2 video replay and telestration system that is built to produce 4K-quality instant replays for sports productions. With built-in NDI Telestrator capabilities, NewTek says that 3Play 3P2 is the first native IP and SDI replay system.

3Play 3P2 is a software-driven, network-based 10-channel replay system that offers eight external inputs and two outputs. The inputs can be any combination of NDI sources with four SDI connectors built directly into the chassis. The outputs can be independent or work together in a preview/program workflow, including live animated, 3D-warped visual transitions.

Also built-in to the replay system are zoom and tracking features, which allow operators to select multiple points of interest and zoom in and out to capture a play. There is a key-frameable feature to scrub clips so as to pinpoint timecodes of plays.

The system offers shareable playlists that allow NewTek TriCaster live production systems to work with 3Play 3P2 and create a collaborative experience that increases the speed and flexibility of sports production, per NewTek.

NewTek is offering to train purchasers of the 3Play 3P2 with a free NewTek University 3Play course. This offer is good until Sept. 30.

3Play 3P2 is now available at a price of $24,995. For more information, visit (opens in new tab).