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Newtec uses Intelsat transponder to achieve high bidirectional, unidirectional throughput

Satellite communications specialist Newtec has demonstrated 372Mb/s bidirectional throughput and 313Mb/s unidirectional throughput over a 72Hhz Intelsat Ku-transponder, the company reports.

During the test an Intelsat 72MHz Ku band transponder was saturated using Newtec’s latest modem technology and a 4.5m antenna. The result using wideband, Clean Channel Technology (CCT) and Newtec’s Equalink technologies was 313Mb/s throughput.

The test did not include the use of the upcoming DVB-S2 modulation and coding extensions that Newtec’s 200-head engineering team is working on.
When adding a return carrier within the same transponder and Newtec’s second-generation Bandwidth Canceller (ZN781), 372Mb/s was reached.