New wireless intercom uses PCs and handheld devices

IntraCom Systems has released the VCOM Wireless Intercom. This next-generation wireless intercom brings the power and functionality of IntraCom’s VCOM Software Intercom System for PCs to the palm of your hand.

Similar to the PC system, the wireless handheld version supports virtually an unlimited number of channels configurable for point-to-point, group calls and party lines. As many as 200 users are supported and can talk privately or in full duplex conference. The wireless system easily interfaces with other communication systems, does not have frequency constraints and runs on readily available WiFi and/or data-cellular-enabled handhelds running Windows Mobile 5.0 and higher.

The VCOM Wireless Intercom GUI enables non-blocking, point-and-click control to establish talk and/or listen voice paths. Multiple group and individual voice paths can be established simultaneously and multiple conferences can be accommodated in any complexity. All basic paths are established in advance and are always on for instant (multiple) channel access for talking and monitoring.

VCOM is highly interoperable with full support for multichannel/multi-I/O device interfacing using readily available I/O gear and WDM or ASIO drivers. This makes interfacing to other communication systems, such as hardware-based intercom matrix systems and two-way radios, easy and cost effective. VCOM also supports inexpensive, multiline analog and T-1 phone interfaces with on-screen dial-out keypad and caller ID to allow seamless interoperability with switched telephone networks.

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