New Rycote carbon-fiber boom poles feature triple-cam grip, twist locking

Rycote, the UK manufacturer of microphone windshields and shock mounts, has added new telescopic carbon-fiber boom poles to its range of accessories for broadcast and location sound recording.

The poles are available as the 5.35ft G3, with three sections, and the 8.16ft G5, with five sections. The G5 is itself available in two versions, a standard version and one with an internal coiled cable and built-in Neutrik XLR connector in the hilt.

Featuring the same lightweight triple-cam, grip-and-twist locking system as the A3 and A5 poles, and with no metal parts to add to their weight, the new G3 and G5 combine lightweight construction with great tensile strength.

The locking mechanism is designed to be resistant to jamming when the pole is dirty; however, if necessary, the locking collars can be completely stripped down for cleaning in the field if required.