Transport stream monitoring range is designed to ensure the uninterrupted delivery of high-quality video content and simplify the day-to-day operations by increasingly complex video broadcast infrastructures; range is used by satellite, IPTV and terrestrial network operators for efficient monitoring and switching of transport streams; enables flexible interfacing with support for IP/Ethernet, SONET/SDH, DVB-ASI or SMPTE-310 networks; provides simultaneous, in-depth analysis of transport streams, services, PIDs, and DVB PSI/SI and ATSC PSIP tables.


Quad-split multiviewer for truck and studio monitoring; can be logically linked to more quad-split processors for large monitor wall quad views and operated seamlessly as one system; integrates with NVISION and third-party routers, with source control and centralized mnemonic database access; offers tally support via direct serial interface; uses a 1RU, half 19in frame chassis; available with four 3Gb/s/HD inputs and a single multiviewer output or eight 3Gb/s/HD inputs and two multiviewer outputs.

LYNX Technik
yellobrik CHD 1802

Signal converter converts HDMI video into broadcast-quality SDI video, supporting SD, HD and 3G-SDI; supports 3-D video formats; includes two electrical SDI outputs, as well as an optional fiber-optic output; audio in the HDMI signal is embedded into the SDI output, and the two external analog audio inputs can be embedded into any AES channel; various fiber options are available, which include 6mi and 24mi fiber transmitters.

Telecast Fiber Systems
Thor series

Thor-CBL-HDMI uses multimode fibers for RGB and high-speed digital graphic signals, and copper wires for low-frequency HDCP control signals; Thor-CBL-DisplayPort (DP) provides an alternative to digital display interfaces such as HDMI and DVI; both systems harness optical technology for transmissions that stretch performance beyond the limitations of copper wire by spanning greater distances, providing data security and negligible RFI/EM, and eliminating costly analog distribution systems.


Multiscreen production suite performs a broad range of functions, including transcoding, packaging and origination to enable high-quality video creation and delivery of live streaming, live-to-VOD, and VOD services to TVs, PCs, tablets, smart phones, and other IP-connected devices; includes ProMedia Live real-time video processing and transcoding system, ProMedia Carbon file-based transcoder, ProMedia Package carrier-grade adaptive streaming preparation system, and ProMedia Origin HTTP and RTMP streaming video server.


Online storage system is ideal for large-scale ingest, editing and playout for production, sports, news and live-event applications; designed to deliver the highest levels of bandwidth and storage capacity to support even the most demanding multiplatform media delivery workflows; capacity scales up to more than 512TB of usable storage and/or 32,000Mb/s.

Bridge Technologies
Traffic Analysis

Option provides advanced monitoring and analysis of IP protocols and services across the complete range of VideoBRIDGE probes; enables operators to combine detailed monitoring and analytics of broadcast/IP streams and all OTT services under a single unified VideoBRIDGE environment with consistent display and reporting features.


5in HDMI on-camera monitor with resolution of 800 × 480; includes peaking, underscan, switchable aspect ratio and aspect ratio guides, blue gun, RGB adjustability, native Canon EOS 5D live view output, and 480i/p, 576i/p, 720p, 1080i/p signal input; comes with 12VDC adapter, as well as a choice of Sony, Panasonic or Canon DV battery adapter plate; includes a sun visor for clarity in the field.


Camcorder features three 1/3in, 2.2-megapixel CMOS imagers to capture native 1920 × 1080 HD images; includes a new 22X HD zoom lens; features two SD memory card slots for relay or simultaneous recording, compatibility with Panasonic's new SDHC Class 10 UHS-1 memory cards, a color viewfinder and LCD display, and all-digital recording; weighs just over 5lb; power consumption is under 12W.

Ensemble Designs
BrightEye Mitto 3G Fiber

Scan converter has DVI, VGA or HDMI inputs; provides SD, HD or 3GB/s SDI video outputs, as well as an optical SDI output; complete control of audio levels, channel mixing and audio delay is provided for the analog, AES and embedded audio inputs; can also be used with Apple's iPad and iPhone, enabling video from these devices to be converted to SDI.

Pilat Media
BMS Operational Cockpit

Management software ties together workflow processes and business information to monitor and display the status of a large number of key business processes; at-a-glance visuals and graphic displays quickly and efficiently highlight exceptions and alert business executives to items needing attention, such as a process that is likely to slip and miss its due date, available inventory, accounts receivables, missing content rights and permissions.

Osprey 260e/460e

260e video capture card provides one channel selectable between composite, component or Y/C video and balanced or unbalanced audio in a low-profile form factor; ideal for compact system enclosures; 460e video capture card can simultaneously capture four independent channels of analog video and unbalanced stereo audio signals and process them independently, minimizing internal PC space requirements; both are designed to work with industry-standard media encoding applications.


Compact, cost-effective monitoring system is designed to ensure that services achieve continuous target quality standards; features a built-in Web interface for local monitoring and configuration with SNMP and XML for remote access; monitors and assesses the integrity of up to four DVB-ASI or HD/SD-SDI signals or 256 video-over-IP streams; features automated SLA compliance monitoring and monitoring of DVB-ASI signals according to TR 101290, SD-SDI signals according toSMPTE-259, and HD-SDI signals according to SMPTE-292 standards.

Front Porch Digital
DIVApublish mpx

Online publishing tool leverages content through an integrated workflow; delivers media in a simple, streamlined fashion; distributes content to myriad locations and devices while maximizing marketing results through integration with partners in adware, syndication, analytics and content delivery; is fully integrated with DIVArchive and DIVAdirector.

Medialab Newscast Automation 3.0

Automation system features redesigned graphical interface with full user configurability; story elements such as cameras, clips and graphics can easily be assigned to buttons for simple and quick access; a range of interface overviews also can be assigned to buttons; story scripts from the newsroom computer system are shown directly in the GUI, and operators can store clips and graphical elements in a pool ready for execution on request; content repurposing/reuse and MAM integration are enhanced with the delivery of news as-run information to continuity control systems such as Snell's Morpheus.

Utah Scientific

UTAH-400 routers and UTAH-100/XFD fiber distribution frames are now available with the FLEX I/O signal module; users can now easily configure systems to implement coax and fiber I/Os on a port-by-port basis; provides enhanced ability to customize use of signals according to an application's specific needs; for the UTAH-400 router, option consists of input/output cards that carry eight or 12 signals and updated rear-panel assemblies to provide converter block access.


Jib/crane system is designed for DSLR and HDV cameras with a maximum weight of 22lb; features smooth, high-quality crane movement in combination with a technical remote head; can be mounted on any 100mm bowl type of connection; weighs 82lb.

LightWave 10.1

Visual effects software features a new off-axis stereoscopic camera rig option, improved Viewport Preview Renderer, advanced import and export capabilities (including MDD and integrated Autodesk Geometry Cache support), and a new Skin Shader node; artists count on the features of LightWave to deliver stunning results; provides access to all major stereo camera rigs and the ability to dynamically correct for toe-in distortion in the animation pipeline.

Centra Vite

Router control configuration tool provides fast setup and immediate router use; web control panel ensures instant operation; external snapshot application saves live status of all or a selection of routes; offers straightforward upgrade path to Centra system-wide control and monitoring system without compromising existing user interfaces and fundamental operation.

Observer Mobile

Web-based interface supports H.264 on Apple iOS using Safari Web browser along with native support for iPad, iPhone and other mobile devices; provides added convenience of accessing live Observer streaming along with back navigation of previously recorded content from both local and remote locations; can play, pause, search and create logged content on demand using smart devices.

Media Server 3

Streaming solution is a single extensible foundation for “any screen done right” media delivery of the best possible viewing experience where and when it's wanted; designed to make simple and cost-effective formerly hard-to-implement features such as adaptive bit-rate streaming, time-shifted playback and integrated rights management.

Sonnet Technologies
Echo Express PCle 2.0

Expansion chassis enables users to plug in high-performance PCI Express 2.0 cards to any computer with a Thunderbolt port; available in two sizes; standard supports one half-length, double-width, x16 (x4 mode), PCle 2.0 card, while XL model supports one full-length card; both models have integrated universal power supplies and cooling fans; two Thunderbolt ports support daisy chaining of up to six devices to a single port on host computer.