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New Products for September 2013



Two new models in the ICE channel-in-a-box range; ICE-LE is a low-cost 1U version that offers a streamlined feature set for smaller operations or simple video server refresh projects; ICE SAN provides large-scale shared content storage to give multiple ICE units instant access to media; each ICE unit features multiple inputs and outputs with two DVEs and eight keyers per channel mixer, as well as routing and mixing functions, SD and HD format conversion, audio processing capabilities, and closed-caption/subtitle support.



2.4GHz digital wireless vocal set provides the convenience of untethered handheld microphone use with a wired level of audio performance; includes a ZTX-M01 handheld transmitter including an interchangeable dynamic cardioid microphone capsule along with a ZRX-M50 half-rack sized receiver; supplied accessories include a mic holder, two antennas and AC adapter; handheld TX also supports use with optional interchangeable microphone capsules; receiver includes three audio outputs (1 x balanced XLR and 2 x unbalanced 1/4in phone).

TSL Products

Studio audio monitor is ideal for both fixed and mobile broadcast facilities, as well as systems integrators who have embraced MADI as the backbone of a facility’s audio infrastructure; provides multiple source monitoring of up to 20 channels of audio from MADI, embedded HD-SDI, AES and analog sources on a user-configurable screen; provides immediate access to any combination of formats, delivering a comprehensive visual and audio feedback for confidence monitoring in a compact unit.

TVU Networks

Weather-resistant exterior-use enclosure for the TVUPack TM8200 detachable modem module; enables field crews to fully use the flexibility of the TM8200’s modular design by removing the detachable modem module from the backpack and moving it away from challenging RF environments such as inside an ENG vehicle or in a large crowd; can be mounted to the roof of an ENG vehicle, providing superior resiliency for the TVUPack’s multiple 3G/4G/LTE connections with less RF interference.

Ensemble Designs

BrightEye NXT 410

BrightEye NXT 410 Clean HDMI router has built-in clean switches that provide seamless video and audio switching of all sources, including those that are asynchronous; provides a clean way to integrate a mix of SDI and HDMI cameras and other sources in a live event; switches are instantaneous, even when using HDMI sources.

Croma Flight Kit

Lightweight and compact kit is based around the variable color temperature Litepanels Croma; comes complete with everything needed for typical location lighting applications; has a host of versatile power and mounting accessories; offers room to spare for an additional lighting fixture or other items.

Thomson Broadcast

Cost-efficient network monitoring system with dedicated customer support portal; performs all state-of-the-art functions required for configuring and monitoring a Thomson Broadcast transmission network; native nomadic support of Wavetracker enables the network operator to safely, freely add or remove equipment from the system via tablet or smartphone directly on-site.

Cobalt Digital

Series of terminal cards includes a downconverter series that combines low power with a high-density design and the potential to pack up to 20 cards per frame in a dual-channel unit for a total of 40 conversions; features include 3G/HD/SD-SDI input, frame sync, SDI reclocking, SD-SDI and analog video/audio outputs.

Broadcast Pix
Version 3.5 software

Enables any Broadcast Pix system to run the optional new Fluent Rapid CG software and connect cloud-based content and data directly to on-air graphics; connects any system to any cloud-based resource for access to animations, clips and databases during live productions; using Fluent Watch-Folders, allows access to files from Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive Drive or any cloud-based content resource, even during the middle of a live production.


Audio monitors provide timely visual, audio and e-mail notifications to help control rooms comply with CALM regulations; offer automatic logging of non-compliant signals plus three different automatic indicators; support 16 audio channels with four slots available for interchangeable input/output modules; AR-DM2-B is a 16-channel digital audio monitor with 2RU frame and tri-color VU/PPM 20-segment LED bar graphs; AR-DM2-L offers dual high-resolution LCD displays capable of displaying meters, metadata and channel status.

Artel Video Systems

Video compression module compresses HD-SDI into JPEG 2000 and then encapsulates the video, audio and all ancillary data into an MPEG-2 TS and industry-standard DVB-ASI; is user-configurable as an encoder or decoder; is low-cost, simple to deploy and tightly integrated with the company’s DigiLink platform.

Distributed Broadcast Infrastructure Solution

Allows use of any infrastructure resource at any site, regardless of distance and location; its flexibility comes from a distributed routing system backed by an overarching management system such as VideoIPath that maps virtual routers to all resource access points through simple routing control; encompasses Nevion’s Sublime optical routing solutions, Flashlink Compact II optical conversion, and extensive IP infrastructure through the Ventura transport platform and Nevion’s JPEG 2000 gateway.



Audio and waveform monitor offers an extended collection of high-quality video and waveform monitoring tools; complies with all major broadcast standards; includes loudness and true peak logging; is highly customizable; hardware is modular and allows for input/output choices of AES, HD-SDI, analog and Dolby E formats, enabling up to four camera inputs alongside up to 64 audio inputs and 16 outputs, all under preset control.

The BullDog

Field fiber transport system enables camera operators to significantly extend the transmission distance of camera signals, including HD-SDI video, audio, intercom, control data, GPIOs, tally and power; in addition to transporting any camera signal over a single fiber cable, the unit can efficiently transport up to eight HD-SDI signals in any direction; designed to withstand the harsh environments of sports and ENG applications.

FORK 4.5

Latest version of the FORK Production Suite for managing the automation of complex broadcast workflows; features FORK Workflow Manager 1.0, a new FORK module that makes workflows visible and enables users to conceptualize and control their production workflows in an entirely new way; also features workflow integrations with the most popular craft editors, including Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.

Small Tree

Real-time Ethernet-based shared storage system is designed for video editors requiring shared access to media files; supports up to 24 video editing workstations without needing an Ethernet switch; offered in three scalable models — TitaniumZ-5, TitaniumZ-8 and TitaniumZ-16; can be configured with up to 20 10GbE ports or 24 GbE ports with storage capacities (raw) from 10TB to 1PB.