New Products


High-performance, multipath 1RU video conversion, frame synchronization and decoder platform integrates four independent paths of video processing; all four paths can be fed from four different input signals; each processing path includes full frame sync and up/down/crossconversion capabilities in addition to noise reduction, video proc and video enhancement capabilities; optional MPEG-2 and H.264 flex modules allow the unit to accept ASI input signals and generate decoded baseband video that can then be sent to conversion engines.

Actus Digital
Actus 4

Media management platform provides an agile environment for supporting a wide range of media monitoring, analysis and management capabilities; features multichannel ingest, multiformat conversion engine, analysis automation, media database and broadcast player for content redistribution; available in four distinct packages.
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Analog Way
Smart MatriX

Scaled matrix offers a 12 × 2 scaled native matrix mode with seamless switching, and the switch between any of the 12 inputs can be in cut or fade and synchronized on the two outputs; can display up to two PIPs on a still background by output, one PIP on a still background with seamless effects or one PIP with title effects on a live background; records eight still logos, including an animated one, and eight full screen frames to non-volatile memory; integrated audio stereo switcher features 12 inputs (eight analog and four from embedded SDI) and two outputs; video output card provides SD or HD formats in various signals from composite video to HD-SDI.

Band Pro
Ruby 14-24mm T2.8

Zoom lens offers full coverage even for F35 sensor; has a front diameter of 110mm and will accept a 102mm screw-in filter; works on all 35mm PL-mounted cameras; focus direction is reversed to go in the traditional cine direction; features focus travel of 126 degrees.

Exstreamer 120

IP audio decoder can serve as the end decode/receive link for high-quality audio streaming and control over point-to-point or multipoint IP networks; acts as a versatile solid-state player for various applications using Barix's Digital Message Repeater application; carries over features from Exstreamer 110 (LCD display, relay closure, channel selection) and adds a MicroSD card slot for extra content protection when playing audio direct from the device.

AutoCast 3.0

Live sports system automates the live CG overlay process and allows real-time data streams from scoreboard controllers to be inserted into predefined templates, enhanced with logos, player preview information and stats pulled from other sources, and be delivered along with video information; system is highly customizable and configurable for various degrees of automation.

Infinite HD

Streaming technology couples Highwinds' global content delivery network with Octoshape Infinite Edge throughput optimization technology; enables HD streams of live and on-demand video, consistent HD quality, global reach and massive scalability regardless of video origin; offers customizable HD viewing experiences and advanced HD features; provides robust, real-time analytics and reporting on all HD streams.

Flow 2.0

Production asset management system offers advanced media management capabilities for post-production and broadcast production workgroups; features edit while capture and bandwidth-controlled, file-based ingest; supports P2, XDCAM, XDCAM HD and AVC-Intra formats for file-based and HD/SD-SDI ingest, multichannel ingest, batch capture and scheduled ingest imports from templates, various scan options, bin and sequence creation, and logger enhancements.

Element Technica

Extra-small 3-D rig is designed to mount lightweight 3-D camera packages for stereoscopic video capture from smaller jibs, Steadicams, portable cameras and point-of-view positions; provides 3-D imaging from the smallest form factor with the ability to mount 2/3in or 1/3in imager HD cameras; integrates with standard stereoscopic production controls; changes easily between side-by-side and beam-splitter modes; can be configured into both over/through and under/through beam-splitter modes.

Front Porch Digital

Updated suite includes SAMMA Solo, SAMMA Robot, SAMMA Prep and SAMMA Clean; features enhanced versatility, interoperability and functionality for migrating media content from videotape to safe, secure and readily accessible file-based formats; makes is easier to perform high-volume migration of media assets from videotape to digital files and to store, protect, access, retrieve and manipulate them for repurposing later.


Loudness analyzer incorporates TC Electronic-created radar display, which shows loudness on short-term meters, graphs covering periods from one minute to 24 hours and numeric display of the long-term center of gravity (average loudness) and consistency (loudness range); also available in CMN-41 and CMN-91 models for testing signal integrity across all DTV broadcast signal formats up to 3Gb/s.


New version of the cable solution is designed for the drop-and-repeat, daisy-chain optical distribution of SD-SDI and HD-SDI signals on single-mode fiber; offers full compatibility with SMPTE-compliant HD-SDI products; available in 3GB and 1.5GB versions; features an electro-optical DA that provides a midpoint fiber distribution breakout box for one copper HD-SDI output with a signal quality of up to 3G HD-SDI; provides an HDMI output for local video and audio monitoring; supports audio and data that has been embedded externally and provides for audio de-embedding from the HD-SDI stream for output on HDMI or on separate RCA connectors.


Weatherproof amplifier module is IP66-rated and can produce 1600W for 8Ω systems and 1800W for 4Ω systems; available in Ethernet/IP, RF and twisted-pair networking options; includes a broadcast-quality balanced line input for improved sitewide audio, a second input that can be used for local audio or as a secondary audio source, and an internal mixer.

Linear Acoustic

Audio quality controller allows users to monitor and fix loudness problems automatically in real time; couples ITU-R BS.1770 loudness measurement standard with signal analysis techniques to evaluate content and make adjustments; operator intervention can range from full control of measurement and audio adjustment to highly automated processing that requires little oversight; features full-color, front-panel metering to provide comprehensive real-time loudness indication; options include Dolby E/Digital decoding, AERO-style multiband loudness and dynamic range control, multichannel analog output with speaker EQ, and HD/SD-SDI input and output.

MicroPro Hybrid

Professional LED light combines continuous output and flash feature in a single unit; continuous mode provides luminous, wrap-around, soft output; flash feature produces 400 percent brighter burst; produces 1.5 hours of continuous output from six AA batteries or five to six hours from Li-Ion cells; features integrated dimmer that offers instant 100 percent to zero dimming with minimal color shift; includes filter holder on the face that allows for work with three included color/diffusion gels, and additional filters can be stored on the back of the fixture; designed for mounting on a DV or DSLR camera.

Analytics and Reporting

Comprehensive set of video analytics and reporting tools enables users to track and compare multiple metrics over time in a single graphic or data table view; users can also build highly focused, personalized reports that can be exported and embedded to display dynamic, up-to-the-minute data, and create custom reporting dashboards on company intranets or any website to allow stakeholders and partners to see up-to-date video analytics.


Handgrip features smooth-functioning, single-handle ball joints with a maximum payload capacity of 44lbs; capable of fitting all three standard rod systems (15mm, 19mm studio and 15mm LWS) with single bridge; can be used with all common camera configurations and configured to create double or multijoint handles; each grip is fully adjustable and capable of a half sphere of stepless articulation, or a complete sphere by combining two grips; features a 3/8 stainless steel top screw and 3/8 bottom thread to enable attachment at many points on a camera system.


Line of connectors and cables is designed to provide flexibility for AV professionals at live events, in the studio and for commercial operations; features compression connectors for XLR, 1/4in mono and 1/4in stereo/balanced connectors and RCA, BNC and F-type connectors for solderless, customized cable lengths; lineup will include new, specially designed cables and installation tools for use with PPC PRO connectors.

Petrol Bags
Black Deca

Equipment bag features a plastic exchangeable logo frame and an internal LED lighting system, the lights of which can be replaced and easily installed or removed via an internal zipper; includes shock-resistant, molded AbsorbaPad on the floor of the bag and twin connecting brackets on the bottom of the bag to allow for the quick and easy connection of the Snaplock wheel and trolley system; power is supplied by standard AA batteries.

Boris FX
Boris RED v5

Integrated 3D compositing, titling and effects application upgrade introduces support for 64-bit applications, adds more than 30 filters and provides new user interface and workflow enhancements, including ergonomic panels, a curve editor and a spreadsheet-style key frame editor window; new filters include three-way color grade, noise reduction, pixel fixer, DV fixer, smooth tone, lens blur, LED, prism, scan lines, damaged TV and turbulence.


Self-powered, two-way line array speaker features 12 8in cone drivers for low-mid frequencies and is powered by six power amplifier channels; mid-high frequency section uses five 1.75in voice coil compression drivers that drive 1in by 4in constant directivity wave guides; transducers are driven by an internal DSP module, backed by dedicated remote-control software, which allows control of the speaker from a PC.

ARG ElectroDesign
Media Combiner software

Software upgrade for Media Combiner range of broadcast network adapters features Zero Jitter technology, which eliminates network jitter and makes it possible to feed DTT SFN transmitter sites and link GSM backhaul circuits over IP networks without external synchronization sources; includes FPGA algorithm that maintains the timing integrity of synchronous and plesio-synchronous signals such as 2Mb/s G.703 and DVB-ASI signals over IP- and packet-based networks, so Media Combiners don't require external reference clocks.


Flexible LED display can be formed into any shape or molded over any object in addition to being deployed as a flat LED screen; features ultra-lightweight construction, IP63 rating, maximum power draw per panel of less than 100W, an input frequency of 60Hz and a refresh rate of greater than 240Hz; uses Nichia SMD LEDs, at a pixel pitch of 37.5mm vertically and horizontally, to provide a light output of 2300NIT; viewing angles are greater than 120 degrees vertically and horizontally.
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OCZ Technology Group
Deneva series

Solid-state drives use Sandforce's 1500 SSD processor with MLC and eMLC to address the performance and reliability demands of enterprise storage environments; includes emergency power loss protection, encryption and ECC protection; maximizes throughput with up to 285MB/s reads, 275MB/s writes and 4KB random writes up to 50,000 IOPS; features SATA, SAS, FC and PCIe interface options, as well as a wide range of available form factors, customized firmware and enhanced reliability with super cap.

Rhozet Quality Control System

Quality control system offers identification and reporting of problematic files before, after and during the transcode process; includes comprehensive checking with dozens of properties to test and verify; offers interactive quality review tool and full reporting.

Media 100
Media 100 Suite Version 1.6

Updated editing system enables editors to directly open MXF files, import and play back AVC-Intra media and play back media created in the DVCPRO HD codec; includes Boris XML Transfer Version 2 to export Media 100 Suite timelines to Adobe After Effects CS5; features intelligent folder import and faster rendering.