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New Products

Compix Media
CompixMOS 2.0

MOS interface for advanced newsroom integration of content from online play-to-air broadcast graphics systems allows users to benefit from the functionality of MOS standard by directly inserting CG events into newsroom scripts; enables the integration of discrete external devices to build high-quality news graphics ready for air directly from the newsroom computer system rundown script interface; requires only basic networked computer to run software and handle network traffic; designed to operate with most newsroom computer systems.

Tandem 150

Modular power system operates as a DC power supply once a camera or other device is connected and turned on; separates the power/charger device from the power supply; allows a user to simultaneously charge a battery and power a camera; automatically stops charging and performs solely as a 150W power supply when 75W draw is exceeded; resumes normal operation when camera is turned off or the load is reduced below 75W; allows for high-power operations.

Soft-Zepp US

Zeppelin-style windshield system allows a mic to be mounted without the hassle of bayonet or screw fittings; constructed of lightweight acoustic foam with a coarse pitch, which produces a cavity to create an effective windshield system and minimizes high-frequency attenuation; features a permanent fur wind cover, Kraton rubber handgrip and thread in the handle for quick attachment to a boom pole.

MediaDirector 2202

System extends Omneon Spectrum server to increase system bandwidth; supports demanding file-based workflow; enables users to construct larger systems to meet higher channel counts and file-transfer requirements; consolidates broadcast operations into a single system; delivers up to 600MB/s of IP bandwidth; supports 24 channels of 50Mb/s MPEG-2 or 12 channels at 100Mb/s; up to 16 MediaPort connections can be made to a single unit using a new Ethernet connection, with each MediaPort connection supporting two to three channels.

MultiDyne Video and Fiber Optic Systems

High-density, multirate, 3G HD-SDI SMPTE fiber-optic transport system includes a 4 × 4 matrix on both transmitter and receiver; accommodates up to 10 cards in DFR-8310 frame and up to 20 cards in DRF-8320 frame; transmitter card accepts four multirate HD-SDI electrical signals with speeds of 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s as inputs, which are equalized, reclocked and converted to four optical outputs; receiver card accepts four fiber-optic inputs and converts them to electrical outputs, which are reclocked and line buffered; can transport four redundant 3G HD-SDI feeds with automatic protection switching; supports SDI, HD-SDI, 3G HD-SDI, DVB, ASI, and SMPTE standards 424M, 292M, 259M and 310M.


Compact, solid-state HD/SD video recorder can be attached to Polecam rig or mounted directly to a camera and connected to any HD-SDI source via BNC coax; file format conforms to FAT32 standard; supports bit rates ranging from 160Mb/s I-frame 4:2:2 1920 × 1080/1280 × 720p master quality to 18Mb/s long-GOP 1440 × 1080/1280 × 720p HD and 50Mb/s 720 × 576i and 720 × 480i SD; optionally outputs 18Mb/s MPEG-1 Layer 2 long-GOP streamed ASI HD; captures two channels of audio and up to eight channels direct to the SDI stream using an external embedder.
+44 1234 855 222;


Encrypted IFB body pack receivers receive high-quality digital audio, time code and metadata from a Zaxcom IFB transmitter; feature LCD display for time code and current scene and take metadata with a hold button for script supervisors, built-in time code reader/generator and output to ensure no time code drift, and 1kHz notch filter with adjustable frequency.

Telecast Fiber Systems

Modular Media Interface family of 3G transmitter and receiver modules offers a flexible I/O solution for distribution of HD-SDI signals via fiber optics and copper cable; allows a single I/O port to be configured as an input or output for either fiber or copper; with any FPGA-based device, users can configure the device for 3Gb/s optical or electrical input and/or output; designed for both single- and multimode transmissions; can be easily plugged into a common connector.

Analog Way

Multilayer mixer, scaler and seamless switcher with universal analog and digital I/O and full high-res digital processing offers live effects, including keying and PIP animation as well as multilayer mixer and 12 × 2 seamless native matrix modes; offers up to 12 inputs, including two fitted with digital DVI and two fitted with SDI; compatible with SD and HDTV formats; outputs digital and analog signals in DVI and VGA (RGBHV) simultaneously; provides high image quality with 10-bit SD/HD auto-adaptive pixel-by-pixel 3D motion-compensation processing, deinterlacing, auto 3:2 and 2:2 reverse pull-down circuitry, processing and frame follower.


Extension of the Artbeats stock footage library allows users to search from a large database of clips derived from more than 50 different brands, 20 of which are exclusive; includes footage from providers including Rubberball, A Luna Blue, RocketClips, Steve Gibby and 3D4Medical; content is available in various formats and prices, depending on the brand, and includes HD, NTSC, PAL and high-resolution clips up to 4K.

BTX Technologies

Field-terminable connector system incorporates multiple data, HD video, audio and control signals in a single connector; consists of two Cat 5e connectors along with 16 HD video and 18 audio and control contacts.

Roland Systems Group

Video mixer features a downstream keyer and dual computer inputs; supports multiscreen output to drive more than one screen with different visuals on each; enables screens in the room to continue using camera or PC/Mac sources while the record feed always provides only camera (room) shots.

Sonnet Technologies Fusion

High-performance, expandable 16-drive RAID shared-storage Fibre Channel storage system features a four-port 8Gb Fibre Channel interface and built-in SAS expanders; supports multistream, multiuser collaborative workflows and multipath I/O; provides direct connection for up to four users without the addition of a Fibre Channel switch or dedicated server and controlled transfer acceleration for steady data streaming.

Vinten Radamec
Legislative Control System

Multiuser, multifacility camera control system supports complex operations with requirements from manual to fully automated operation; user interface allows manual operation through a touch-screen interface or joystick to target cameras as well as select shots; can be customized; is modular and scalable.

Advanced Digital Services

Post-production facility offering allows users to complete a variety of DI tasks including capturing, DCI mastering and editing uncompressed 4K data; supports the direct decoding of REDCODE RAW material in the timeline; integrates RED metadata.