Routing platform is now available in a 192-port, 4RU version; allows users to configure any signal port independently for fiber or coax (copper) connectivity; enables any port to be configured as either an input or output; asymmetric I/O port designation enables users to configure the router with just one input and 191 outputs, 191 inputs and one output, or any combination in between; offers a full range of options — dual crosspoints, dual controllers, dual power supplies and dual fans — all of which are hot-pluggable or replaceable.

NAVE module

Nielsen Audio Video Encoder (NAVE) Decoding, Logging and Alerting module is designed for the Observer digital video monitoring and logging product range; ratings assurance tool enables broadcasters or networks to ensure proper transmission and delivery of NAVE codes to Nielsen monitoring equipment and, in turn, ensure ratings credit for advertisements; unlike standalone equipment, the unit affordably logs NAVE IDs along with the broadcast content.

DVM line

DVM line has been expanded to include three new MPEG video monitors in larger dual-screen models; the DVM-5210 (shown here) is a 5RU system with two 10in screens; the DVM-4290 is a 4RU system with two 9in screens; the DVM-3270 is a 3RU system with two 7in screens; all of the monitors provide advanced test and measurement features for convenient at-a-lance monitoring of program content from 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and MPEG-2/4 ASI streams.


Storage appliance uses a linear tape file system (LTFS), which records video on tape as files and enables the reading and writing of files from a PC via FTP; can create original and duplicate copies with the installation of an external LTO drive; can be controlled through the company's LTR Browser software, and another optional proxy generator can be configured to automatically create low-res proxy files and thumbnails when archiving MXF files.

FORK Production Suite

Now integrates with the Sony XCDAM Station family of professional media recorders; XDCAM Station users can now easily import content into FORK's media asset management software using the FORK Ingest module; in addition, users can now use FORK to control the XDCAM Station in both recording and playout modes, in effect adding master control playout and production automation capabilities to the XDCAM Station.

Weather Central

Severe weather system has been enhanced to support new dual-polarization weather radar technology; with precise display of damaging hail, debris in tornadoes, improved flash flood warnings and more accurate identification of winter precipitation, the system is designed to enable users to better inform their viewers when severe weather strikes; features integrated posting to a station's Facebook and Twitter pages, hyper-local mapping and advanced storm tracking algorithms.

FS-6000 Fiber-Saver

Portable CWDM remapper/multiplexer transports up to six digital optical or six SDI signals over a single fiber, allowing users to transport additional signals easily in situations where there is an insufficient amount of available fibers; can easily combine up to six uncompressed 3Gb/s SDI signals onto a single fiber, ensuring a pristine signal through the use of built-in reclockers; can be integrated with any fiber-optic broadcast equipment; works well with any digital optical signal.

Touchmix Pilot Desktop Remote

Consists of a new Desktop Remote panel with rack-mount host unit; provides one-touch access to any analog or digital audio source material in mono, stereo or surround; allows for the adjustment of levels and balance; delivers the capability to mix together multiple sources; designed to be a complete system for lean-back audio monitoring; features the latest touch-screen technology.

Front Porch Digital

Secure, cloud-based, disaster recovery and long-term asset storage service; ingests file-based video content via networking and data tape shipment; users have the option of managing the ingest and restore processes manually from supplied software, or automating the processes to make ingest and restore invisible and seamless background tasks.

AJA Video Systems
Ki Pro Mini v4.0

New firmware for the Ki Pro Mini compact field recorder offers support for the Avid DNxHD video codec, thereby enabling further production efficiencies to Avid Media Composer family users; support for Avid DNxHD allows video editors using Avid editing systems to simplify their workflows and improve image quality throughout the editorial process.

Avid Interplay Sphere

Real-time access system lets broadcast news professionals acquire, access, edit and finish stories anytime, from anywhere; leverages a cloud-based architecture; gives contributors the freedom to work in a completely distributed environment that spans multiple locations and multiple time zones; journalists can craft stories wherever they're happening and speed them to air while still maintaining full connectivity with the newsroom operation. (opens in new tab)

Selenio MDX2

Multiplexer module reduces video headend infrastructure for DTV broadcasters; has a built-in DVB-T2 gateway that can combine up to eight physical layer pipes within a single output stream, enabling delivery of multiple tiers of digital services; features a built-in single-network frequency adaptation for signal distribution across large over-the-air DTV networks, which is well-suited for the DVB-T/T2 and ISDB-Tb standards.

ProView 7100

Single-rack system provides multifunction transcoding, transport stream descrambling and MPEG stream processing; leverages a flexible and modular design; the IRD's SD and HD MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 AVC video decoders and transcoders allow content providers, broadcasters, cable MSOs and telcos to address a wide range of full transport stream distribution and contribution applications, including DVB descrambling and digital turnaround processing; performs multiformat video decoding with up to four stereo pairs of audio decoding; descrambles up to four transport streams; transcodes up to eight channels.


Routing switcher supports all common SMPTE and ITU standard serial digital video signals, as well as embedded audio and other ancillary data required for HD-SDI and DVB/ASI broadcast sources; for digital cinema HD video distribution requirements, it can be configured to switch SMPTE 372M dual-link HD-SDI in configurations up to 8 × 8; supports standard data rates from 50Mb/s to 3Gb/s and video transports up to 1080p/60; all inputs are auto-equalized; two models are available: the PRO-3GSDI-1616-C and the PRO-3GSDI-1616-PB, which includes a local push-button control panel.


Portable waveform monitor is customizable via software, enabling customers to add any additional capabilities to the base model to better suit their needs; a large 6.5in high-resolution LCD ensures users will not miss a potential issue because of low-quality waveform representation; a replaceable battery enables users to work longer with one battery charging while another is in use; features an input for testing the facility synchronization signal, including a unique Timing display that simplifies setup and verification; offers the ability to view the analog reference signal to troubleshoot timing problems and verify compliance.


Portable HD lens delivers a broad focal length range from 6.2mm to 106mm (212mm with built-in 2X extender) and a Minimum Object Distance of 0.4m for close shooting in news situations; with high precision aspherical and Hi-UD glass, aberrations and distortions are kept to a minimum; features a compact design and light weight; its center of gravity balances the lens' weight to provide better stability and less stress and fatigue, especially over extended shooting periods; up to nine different settings can be memorized; 3-D configuration setting is possible through the display.

Vision blue5

Lightweight pan and tilt head offers a combination of continuous counter-balance and infinite drag; provides a full ±90° of smooth tilt movement with a counterbalance range of 5.5kg to 12kg (@100mm CofG); ideal for supporting the latest portable digital cameras; features an illuminated levelling bubble for quick and convenient set-up; available as a head only or packaged together with a two-stage Pozi-Loc tripod, ground or mid-level spreader and a branded Petrol system case.

NARDA Safety Test Solutions
NRA-3000 and NRA-6000

Analyzers can continuously record signal characteristics versus time with the new Scope and I/Q Data option; the frequency resolution can be set between 100Hz and 32MHz; the time resolution can be set down to 31.25 nanoseconds; the analyzers also output online the raw data separated into its real (in-phase) and imaginary (quadrature) components; NRA-3000 LNB Control variant can be used to switch the low noise block converters of satellite receiving antennas to the desired frequency range and the appropriate polarization.