Compact, lightweight A-Format mic for stereo and 5.1 surround recording; offers software plug-in A-Format to B-Format conversion and stereo and surround-sound decoding and manipulation in place of an outboard control unit; can capture 5.1-, 6.1- and 7.1-channel audio and simultaneous stereo with variable width; comprises four low-noise, studio-grade condenser capsules; offers standard 48V phantom power; relies on included software for all format conversion, decoding and manipulation.
+44 1924 201089;


Customizable panels and plates provide maximum electrical isolation between connectors; available in various sizes and shapes, including standard gang plates, wall plates and rack panels, and in thicknesses of 1/8in or 1/4in; feature non-metallic cell cast acrylic and rear engraving; are UV stabilized for outdoor use; offered in 10 colors and gloss or matte with no glare finish.
+1 908 686 7400

Daptor Three
JK Audio

Wireless audio interface offers 20kHz stereo audio playback through cell phones and portables using Bluetooth wireless technology; features XLR mono balanced line input/output, 3.5mm stereo line input/output and 9V DC battery; weighs 7oz; measures 4.4in × 2.7in × 1.2in.
+1 815 786 2929;

xStack DGS-3612G

Multilayer, single IP management 12-port gigabit switch supports IPv4 and IPv6 routing; provides virtual stacking functionality that allows up to 32 units to be managed via single IP address; features support for 12 1000BASE-X and 100BASE-FX fiber transceivers; designed for connections of more than 330ft.
+44 20 8955 9000;

SED Systems

One-half size PCI card uses digital technology and Fast Fourier Transformations to make quick, accurate measurements; accepts all L-band signals from 950MHz to 2150MHz and input power levels ranging from -75dBm to -5dBm; draws power with PCI connection; communicates via built-in Ethernet port; accessible locally or remotely by any network-connected location; provides SNMP status interface.
+1 306 931 3425

HR-1-P and HR-2

Direct-to-disk video recorders store recorded clips as MOV or AVI files immediately viewable on Intel-based Macs and Windows computers; HR-1-P records more than 10 hours, at 160Mb/s, in 1920 × 1080 10-bit 4:2:2 HD-SDI using the CineForm Intermediate format; includes a hot-swappable media drive for an optional 160GB solid-state disk to hold more than two hours of video; HR-2 for digital film acquisition records in 10-bit 4:4:4 using the CineForm 444 format at 360Mb/s.
+1 858 863 4166;

apt-X Live

New coding technology delivers compression of up to 8:1 while retaining acoustics and ultra-low delay; features include a single-chip implementation, mono and stereo audio encoder and decoder; up to 22.5kHz stereo duplex with a single device, sampling rate of up to 48kHz, linear phase response and embedded auxiliary data transmission up to 12kb/s.
+44 28 9037 1110;

Command Channel

Option available for the SKM 5200 handheld mic transmitter, EK 3241 portable receiver and the EM 3532, 3032 and 1046 rack-mounted receivers; provides a second audio channel between the transmitter and receiver that permits a variety of secondary functions to be implemented for broadcast and live performance applications.
+49 5130 6000;

D VD 3601 MiniModule
LYNX Technik

Multimode unit facilitates SD/HD downconversion and functions as an SD/HD distribution amplifier and multiformat test generator; processes any embedded audio up to eight AES channels and four audio groups; features selectable SD 4:3 output modes, including letterbox, center cut and stretch to fill, as well as automatic color space conversion; provides full 10-bit processing.
+49 6150 18170;


HANABI 1.5 M/E switcher supports all major HD formats, as well as 525/60 and 625/50; offers three types of control panels, including 16- and 24-button and a rack-mountable 12-button, as well as a high-performance DVE capable of real 3-D DVE effects; accommodates an optional two quad split-screen function; supports 16 inputs and 10 standard aux output buses; supports up to four channels for upconverter input or downconverter output.
+44 20 8391 7979;

Unity 550-2

Enterprise media receiver includes MPEG-4 ABC video coding for SD/HD and DVB-S2 modulation; streams to additional Wegener decoders that are addressable over existing internal IP networks; features Compel Control that makes product backward-compatible with the company's DVB receivers; provides hands-free satellite downlink operations to remotely monitor and reconfigure Unity receivers.
+1 770 814 4000;


SD memory card camcorder features a water- and impact-resistant and dust-proof construction without moving parts, 10X optical zoom, quick-start technology and 2.7in LCD; features a 2GB SD card capable of holding up to 100 minutes of video in LP mode.
+44 8700 100 464

HMI line

Portable lighting line includes the lightweight 18W and 24W HMI as well as 200W and 400W HMI lights; provides more than 80lm/W efficiency; features on-board batteries with 200 watt hours in Li-Ion and 150 watt hours in NiMH; balanced for natural daylight at 5500K with a 92-color rendering index.
+1 973 427 1160;


Multiformat CMOS camera meets the size requirements for gyro-stabilized aerial camera mounts; minimizes the number of camera input and output signals with one-piece design, simplifying signal transport; features low-power consumption; provides multiformat 1080i or 720p HD image capture.
+44 1932 769700;

MDS-108 and MDS-112

Eight-output MDS-108 and 12-output MDS-112 media distribution systems; designed for applications where one mic is split to multiple video recorders or cameras; feature 1/4in and XLR input connectors, as well as transformer-isolated channels, and can drive several outputs; include 1/8in connectors on the first two output channels and 20dB pads with ground lift switches on the input section; multiple MDS units can be daisy-chained together to provide more than 12 outputs.
+1 573 651 6500;

D-Cube-News v3.0

Tapeless live news production system integrates input, editing, approval, broadcasting and post-transmission archiving on one platform; features an intuitive user interface, integration with other Dayang newsroom solutions, optimization for remote and offline news editing, and native MOS support.
+852 2730 2117;

ZL series

Series of travel pack ENG batteries contains no lithium, allowing users to carry them in luggage on airplanes; comprises 50WH and 150WH battery packs compatible with V-Mount, PAGlok or NP1 formats.
+44 20 8543 3131

AirSpeed v2.5
Avid Technology

Video ingest and playout server runs in Avid Unity shared storage environment and as a standalone server; connects directly to the company's editing workstations over a network to provide direct ingest and playout to and from these systems; features include 720p/50 ingest, direct output of longitudinal time code and backup DNS server support.
+44 175 365 5999

DashBoard Control System
Ross Video

OS-independent software application allows users to control and monitor operations within any network using intuitive GUIs; monitors and controls a wide variety of multivendor solutions in the openGear platform; features systemwide alarm reporting, instant access to multiple control windows, in-field card upgradability, and save and recall of control and monitoring layouts.
+1 613 652 4886

SkyRAY Light
ND SatCom

Lightweight, robust mobile VSAT antenna subsystem features an aerodynamic design, fast deployment and plug-and-play operation; fits any vehicle's standard roof bars; can be integrated in mobile IP VSAT applications for vertical markets such as broadcasting, disaster recovery, business continuity and governmental applications.
+49 7545 9390

GN ESP series
AKG Acoustics

Gooseneck microphones feature a programmable mute switch, rugged construction, self-cleaning capsule contacts and hidden controls with jumpers inside; offer high radio frequency interference immunity and XLR connector; provide gold-plated contacts and an LED ring to display mic status.
+43 1 86654 8800;


Sophisticated loudspeaker manager computer program provides the necessary connectivity and control for all 8200 and 7200 DSP series loudspeakers on its control network; available for both Windows XP and Mac OS X platforms; includes Symmetrical Placement EQ; controls up to 25 8200 loudspeakers and five 7200 subwoofers via standard Cat 5 cable.
+358 17 83 881

Utah Scientific

Twenty-four port managed GigE workgroup router gives broadcasters real-time, on-the-fly control of port priority, security groups and port speed on Ethernet networks; enables operators to control switch parameters instantly, including allocating bandwidth, QoS and VLAN assignments, with built-in control panel, as well as dynamic creation of security groups so the user can partition the network into smaller virtual networks.
+1 801 575 8801

ANT Group

Precision battery-operated RF probe with data logger; handles analog and digitally modulated signals, >50dB dynamic range with ±0.5dB precision and high bandwidth; available in two frequency ranges, 10MHz to 1GHz and 900MHz to 2.5GHz; direct read out display; data logger holds 91 days of logging with one-second samples.
+39 0365 34558;

STP cables

Shielded twisted pair Plenum-rated, low-capacitance cables; available in two- and three-pair configurations and in 500ft and 1000ft lengths; feature 22 AWG stranded tinned copper conductors and a common 24 AWG stranded tinned copper drain wire; include Beldfoil aluminum/polyester foil shield that reduces the potential for noise ingress/egress.
+31 773 878 555;

DiviCatch v4.0
ENENSYS Technologies

Compact USB self-powered broadcast recorder and analyzer includes software featuring MPEG-2 TS real-time table parsing and bit-rate monitoring; now integrates standardized ETR290 guidelines that provide an exhaustive overview of elements that matter for the transmission of a stream; splits parameters tested in ETR290 over three priorities; implements parameters and alerts the user each time an element in the data stream exceeds preset boundaries.
+33 1707 25170;

Radio Frequency Systems

RD cavity-slot antenna family offers a solution particularly for LPTV applications; features power handling capabilities up to 220kW; operates over wide frequency ranges, typically around 10 to 20 channels.
+49 511 676 2731;


Color lamps made from rare earth phosphor; don't require color sleeves; based on the primary color T-5 lamps; control and dim each lamp individually to allow a smooth, even color range; made for ground row, grid mount and drop ceiling applications; feature phase control.
+1 626 579 0943;

Viz|Video Hub

Plug-and-play media asset management solution allows users to easily access video clips, stills, graphics and audio clips from a standard PC; integrates with existing Vizrt software; scales for implementation in large broadcast facilities or smaller multimedia facilities; uses industry-standard metadata fields based on DCMI; comes bundled with Ardendo PreCut and EasyCut.
+47 5590 8080;

Snell & Wilcox

Enables broadcasters and content owners to master content once and repurpose it for multiple distribution platforms; workstation combines image conditioning tools, content mastering, quality control and content repurposing functionality.
+44 23 9248 9000

StorNext 3.0

Data management software extends high performance, resilient data sharing to LAN servers and integrates the company's data de-duplication technology to reduce data retention costs; enables applications to access shared storage faster; Dynamic Resource Allocation increases uptime; allows users to scale storage by adding or swapping out disk arrays while the system is active.
+44 1344 353564;


CMTS-bypass solution for IPTV over cable delivery provides DOCSIS control and timing information for up to 192 QAM channels; delivers any mix of DOCSIS and traditional MPEG-2 video; carries DOCSIS synchronization information in every DOCSIS-enabled channel, allowing the use of DOCSIS 1.1 and 2.0 cable modems; supplies up to six upstream channels with ingress noise cancellation for return path support.
+33 1 34 11 8046;


Picture quality analysis tool uses the comprehensive Human Vision Model; includes full support for HD formats; compares 1080i and 720p HD, HD and SD, 525 and 625 SD, 30fps and 25fps, SD and CIF, HD and CIF content.
+44 1344 392214;

Media Wall
Custom Consoles

Multichannel monitor rack incorporates height-adjustable horizontal beams suspended between 2m silver anodized aluminum supports; uses pivoting VESA and plasma-mount fittings for the attachment of large and small panels; enables expandable housing of power and video wiring with a horizontal cable duct beneath each monitor mounting beam routed to a vertical coil.
+44 1525 379 909

Production Intercom

Intercom and Internet interface uses VoIP technology; connects to standard intercom system with three-pin XLR and to Web with Ethernet Cat 5 cable; allows multiple users to join an intercom network from any internet-capable device.
+1 847 381 5350;

DVDO iScan VP5
Anchor Bay Technologies

HD video processor and A/V hub converts SD, HD (including 1080p) and PC signals from DVD players, HD-DVD players, Blu-ray players, HD DVRs, game consoles and PCs to any output resolution between VGA and 1080p, including HDTV resolutions 720p and 1080i; features Video Reference series technologies.
+1 408 379 3836;

Studio Network Solutions

Shared workstation storage specifically developed for post-production workgroups, integrates a NAS and SAN into one system; includes Fibre Channel, iSCSI and NAS into a single product; ships with 4TB of storage and can accommodate up to six direct connect Mac and PC clients via 4GB/s FC and iSCSI over GigE.
+1 314 733 0551;