New Products


Audio cables feature wide frequency response, RF/EMI noise rejection and G-Flex jacket compound, which offers additional flaccidity and flex life; use video-grade foam dielectric to reduce capacitance; made from finely stranded, oxygen-free copper; shielded with a dense 95 percent copper braid to provide additional noise rejection; available in dual-shield versions.


Optiva module transmits two independent 3G video signals; able to transmit up to 30 424M-compliant video signals through a single 3RU 19in chassis; supports full 1080p, 50/60Hz SMPTE 424M-compliant video, as well as SMPTE 292M, 259M, HD-SDI and SDI video broadcast formats; fits easily into Optiva 1RU and 3RU rack-mount enclosures or stand-alone desktop enclosures.

TV One

Dual audio distribution amplifier consists of two separate distribution amplifiers in a single case — a 1 × 4 analog stereo distribution amplifier via 3.5mm ministereo connectors and a 1 × 4 S/PDIF distribution amplifier via RCA coaxial connectors; inputs between the two amplifiers don't cross over, and there is no analog-digital conversion between the two; features an audio bandwidth of 20Hz to 20kHz; signal processing system ensures a low signal-to-noise ratio plus flat equalization curves throughout the bandpass spectrum.

Stasis Flex

Camera support system redistributes weight of a handheld camera onto the operator's torso and over the shoulder; features adjustable mechanism that provides the operator with complete flexibility in forward/back, in/out and up/down positions; can be used as a stand-alone unit; accommodates various peripherals, including wireless receivers, hard drives and transmitters.

Niagara Pro II

Encoding appliance captures, encodes, streams and compresses files for professional-grade digital video and audio delivery; supports SD-SDI video and AES/EBU digital audio capabilities; streams multiple resolutions at multiple bit rates in multiple streaming formats, including MPEG-4, Adobe Flash Live, Windows Media (Silverlight-compatible) and RealVideo; individually customizes streams with bitmap overlays; includes front-panel LCD status display, control buttons and multisegment LED audio meters.


DTV IFB receiver features dual UHF/VHF antennas, two advanced silicon tuners and sixth-generation VSB demodulators; contains an MPEG Layer 1/Layer 2 audio decoder that can decode two independent sound programs, providing up to four audio channels and using bit rates as low as 32kb/s for each; can map the IFB audio channels to the XLR outputs, internal speaker or headphones; displays real-time status information on a front-panel LCD display.

NB-9 nanoBox

Free-standing desktop chassis accommodates any of the company's range of single-height cards, including legalizers, safe-area generators and SDI-embedded audio shufflers; operates from a 7.5V DC supply and comes with an external power brick working from universal AC mains; includes British, European and North American plug fittings; can be controlled from company's FP-9 remote panel via RJ45 connection.


Shared storage system comprises ingest and browse applications; ingest acquisition solution captures in one format and simultaneously outputs to multiple formats including Apple ProRes 422, Avid DN×HD and low-res proxy formats; features multichannel ingest with independent control over each channel, full metadata capture and the ability to edit while recording; browse enables users to quickly locate media; supports proxy viewing outside the nonlinear editing application for optimal viewing in the EditShare space, annotation of metadata forms and the ability to drag and drop media into an Avid or Final Cut Pro bin.

EX 0.75

Aspheric wide converter provides 25 percent greater angle view while maintaining full zoom capability; reduces geometric distortion and chromatic aberrations; improves off-axis wide-angle performance; contains four multicoated optical glass elements; attaches securely to the front of the Sony PMW-EX1 and EX3 via bayonet mount.

RF Central

HD-upgradable, portable 2GHz digital transmitter comes with 5W power output standard (7W upon request); supports 480i, 720p 1080i formats, as well as analog, digital AES and fully embedded audio; accepts either composite or component analog video or HD-SDI digital signals; has an ASI input; offers multiple modes of COFDM modulation, including QPSK, 16QAM and 64QAM.


Flexible loudspeaker cable with 49-strand 13-gauge bare copper is available in two, four, six and eight conductors; features a flexible PV black satin finish, pressure-extruded jacket and color-coded insulation; produces lay-flat cable; eliminates the need for plastic or string fillers.

Vérité Series

HD LCD monitors in 17in, 20in and 24in versions use JVC's third-generation imaging technology to minimize delay between input signal and image display; feature 10-bit 4:4:4 video processing, advanced edge artifact elimination, deinterlacing and computer-automated calibration of black level, white level, color temperature and gamma; include a built-in waveform monitor with over-level indication and ultra-low latency circuitry for lip-sync accuracy.


Router control system can control 250 routers, 400 control panels, and up to 250 physical and 512 virtual levels; includes purpose-built system controller hardware foundation; features include redundant power supplies, solid-state hard drive, six network control points and the NV9000-SE configuration utility.


Three-pin cable connector can be transformed from a male to female connector by sliding the housing back and forth, allowing for the use of one connector because it can mate with either a male or female three-pin XLR connector; shares features and benefits of XLR XX series; features an improved chuck-type strain relief that provides higher pull-out force and makes assembly easier and faster.

Riedel Communications

Digital wireless intercom system includes one or more Cell Controllers with up to 80 Cell Antennas, wireless belt packs and VoIP-over-DECT platform; enhanced channel agility allows system to use complete DECT frequency and channel spectrum by allocating calls to any free RX or TX timeslot; Cell Controller handles VoIP-over-DECT cell management and connects to any party line or matrix intercom via eight analog four-wire ports and 12 GPIOs; Cell Antennas connect via Ethernet and have a range of 275m under line-of-sight conditions or 75m indoors.


One-piece rain cover for Sony PMW-EX1 and HVR-Z7 cameras is constructed of clear polyurethane for quick, easy access to all camera features; enables work with the flip-out LCD screen fully open; hot shoe connector in the cover's rigid front hood section anchors and stabilizes it on the camera; durable, waterproof rubber fabric surrounds and protects the viewfinder.

Drone Designer

Design module features real-time pixel shading, an intuitive user interface, a comprehensive set of shapes and primitives, 3-D text with character animations, object tiles, an improved particle system, multilayer blendable texture maps, built-in chroma keying material, image-based transitions and effects on objects, and a layout object to create a visual reference of overlaying graphics.
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TANDBERG Television

Program transcoder allows cable systems to continue MPEG-2 operations while allowing the programmer to distribute using MPEG-4 AVC compression; provides the capability to receive a bandwidth-efficient DVB-S2 transmission and decrypt a selected MPEG-4 AVC HD service; features DVB-S/DVB-S2 satellite input, one ASI input transport stream, two ASI output transport streams, two composite video outputs, two balanced analog stereo audio outputs and an alarm relay.

QPC Fiber Optic

Hermaphroditic connector features rugged, environmentally sealed design and anodized aluminum body; allows multiple cables to be directly connected without adapters; uses a high-performance 2.5mm terminus and a split ceramic alignment sleeve to ensure performance even under high shock and vibration.


System consists of a powerful, flexible modulation platform with multiple input interfaces, including transport stream over ASI, DVB-S/S2 satellite and terrestrial IP network; intelligent stream management process provides control to implement service filtering, remapping and regional content insertion; can operate multichannel modulation schemes.


Professional clip-on mic comes with a multipurpose cap that protects the mic from perspiration and also serves as a windshield (treble boost 1.5dB); also features a small frequency-response cap that produces a treble boost of 2.5dB, an anti-kink sleeve, three makeup protection caps and several thin plastic tubes for shielding when attaching it with clips or adhesive tape.