WatchPoint Workflow System
TANDBERG Television

Scalable, automated system streamlines the creation, management and distribution of media assets based on an extensible, open architecture; offers an array of installation options, adapting to and streamlining current processes while leveraging existing hardware and software investments; supports linear and on-demand media, as well as interactive content and applications.

Emerge MPX1000

Wireless HD media extender provides connectivity for moving HD content from one source to multiple destinations incorporating HDMI technology; high-res computer graphics up to 1280 × 768 resolution, HD video including 720p and 1080i, stereo audio and control data are wirelessly transmitted to as many as eight wireless or wired receivers; extension product extends video and audio over standard 10/100 Ethernet wiring up to 3000ft.

Pro Grade DVC

Tape for HDV and DV camcorders features a two-layer tape structure with Dual Layer Metal Evaporation (DLME) and Hard Carbon Protective Layer (HCPL) technologies; offers universal compatibility with HDV and DV camcorders and a 63-minute recording time.


High-definition virtual studio system offers advanced camera motion tracking and scene integration technology for rapid previsualization or visual effects creation; incorporates components of visual effects pipeline, including camera tracking, video I/O, keying, 3-D rendering, compositing and color correction, to match live-action foregrounds and computer-generated backgrounds; records and imports data into many leading 3-D applications.

HDMI v1.3 test solution

Integrated sink, source and cable test solution provides 1080P, deep color formats and new test requirements up to 3.4Gb/s; includes DPO70804 real-time oscilloscope with a new version of TDSHT3 HDMI compliance test software, new AWG7000 arbitrary waveform generator, TDS8200B sampling oscilloscope for time domain reflectometry, DTG5334 data timing generator and new HDMI test fixtures.

2006 Catalog
TV One

Updated catalog features 30 new items and comparison charts for specific categories; includes new CORIO2 C2 RoHS-compliant products, five new pieces to C2-1000 Series and 10 new pieces to C2-2000 Series that all have DVI and analog inputs and outputs; also features the OneTask 1T-C2 scan converters and downconverters, the PX-710 (a time base corrector and frame synchronizer with genlock) and the PX-720 (a standards converter for PAL, SECAM and NTSC standards).

D9054, D9034
Scientific Atlanta

MPEG-4 AVC encoders deliver up to 40 percent improvement in bandwidth savings compared to previous encoders; support integrated picture-in-picture and capped variable bit rate using a single-slice, dual-pass architecture; D9054 model supports MPEG-4 AVC HD 4:2:0 encoding; D9034 supports MPEG-4 AVC SD and MEPG-2 SD 4:2:0 encoding.

Artec Technologies

WM9/VC1 stream encoding and transmitting in one, two or four channel versions that can generate several simultaneous streams as well as multibit streams for each channel; equipped encoder remote control enables remote configuration and operation of individual encoders or an entire encoder farm via standard browsers; allows up to four stereo or eight mono signals per video stream to be encoded and transmitted with lip synchronization, in addition to SDI and HD-SDI with embedded audio; supports DV (IEEE 1394); is upgradeable to 10Mb/s.
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Touch It Plus

Simple and effective way to monitor multichannel video in space-critical environments; replaces up to 12 confidence monitors within a 3RU space; acts as a mini A/V router; features dual high-res 7in LCD panels, one offering touchscreen monitoring for 12 1.8in thumbnail images; at a touch, any of the thumbnails can be selected to appear on the second LCD panel at the full 7in size; includes 12 stereo analog audio inputs and output routing of selected video.


Transmission system replaces all of the functions of a broadcast master control and playout chain in a single software application; acts as a video server, master control, graphics and logo inserter with automation, ingest, editing and content management; reduces the investment required to launch and operate new channels; intended for both SD and HD.

CatSnake Cat 5E UTP cables

Cat 5E UTP cables are AES/EBU-compliant; feature the company's bonded pair design, which bonds the insulated conductors together along the full cable length, making them ideal for Ethernet patches, indoor broadcast applications in high-traffic areas and OB truck applications; feature heavy jacket and upjacketed versions for medium to heavy duty environments; pass the UL 1581 -40° C bend test.


Extra-flexible, high-bandwidth microphone cable is the latest addition to the X-Band cable line; features a double braid shield for added noise rejection; conductors are made from finely stranded, oxygen-free copper to maximize conductivity and protect against corrosion.

Advent Communications

Compact, fully motorized satellite terminal antenna is designed for rapid deployment; is available in 1.2m and 1.5m sizes; supports X, Ku, DBS and Ka band feeds, as well as C band for the 1.5m dish; can be used as traditional flyaway or semi-permanent vehicle-mounted terminal; offers three-axis motorized control with manual backup and satellite auto acquisition and tracking; fits into two IATA weight-compliant flight cases.
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Snell & Wilcox

Automated content mastering and repurposing workstation enables users to create high-quality digital masters of their content and repurpose for distribution on multiple, revenue generating platforms; integrates image conditioning, content mastering, quality control and content repurposing functionality; features concurrent processing capabilities that eliminate the need for separate encoding and transcoding, and performs these functions as part of a single workflow; includes automated QC that enables operators to quickly focus on problematic areas.


Routing and distribution system adopts extensive redundancy for all critical system elements; delivers broadcast-quality 576 × 576 routing capability in 26RU; expands to 1156 × 1156 through passive splitting for larger applications; offers format- agnostic data path; supports from 3Mb/s to 3Gb/s; handles SD-SDI, HD-SDI, DVB-ASI, SMPTE310 and other high bit rate signal types; offers expansion capabilities in groups of 18 inputs or outputs; features all front-accessible and hot-swappable components.

QOD Gateway
Imagine Communications

System enables bandwidth improvements, enhanced video quality and customized service offerings such as targeted ads and personalized audio; can be used in both a stored VOD and real-time (switched) environment; incorporates a third-generation method of statistical multiplexing for SD and HD VOD content, which adds negligible incremental consumer response delay (one-tenth of a second) for trick modes in VOD and channel change times in switched digital video and IPTV.


Production suite combines Vegas 7, DVD Architect 4 and Dolby Digital AC-3 encoding software for professional video, audio, DVD and broadcast production; allows users to edit and process DV, HDV, SD/HD-SDI and all XDCAM formats in real time, fine-tune audio, as well as author surround sound, dual-layer DVDs; features Sony DVD 5.1 support and enhanced video monitoring for Vegas 7; features scripting support, keyframeable transformations, crop and effects, graphical subtitiles, 4:3 and 16:9 preview settings, and dual-layer authoring and burning support for DVD Architect 4.


Enterprise-level active storage for large digital media files; combines grid storage and computing through the use of multiple intelligent, interconnected and independent storage servers; composed of ContentDirectors and ContentServers; interconnection via redundant GigE; is highly scalable, reliable and manageable.


Program optimizer allows terrestrial, cable and satellite broadcasters to automatically normalize the loudness of all of their file-based programming and commercials without affecting the original dynamic range; programs can be normalized by either adjusting metadata values or scaling the audio itself to a target loudness level; offers the option of faster-than-real-time, file-based encoding and decoding of Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby E content, as well as efficient transcoding between the coding formats.


Extension to Eclipse range of products offers users a non-blocking high-speed audio connection between isolated locations; dual concentric fiber ring provides full redundancy while maintaining audio links, even if the main fiber pair is fully disconnected; runs at full audio bandwidth, allowing intercom matrices to share audio resources as if they were local.


Camera trolley system consists of a single or dual trolley for optimal load stabilization; the track is a dual rail system with connecting brackets; is fully servo controlled with location feedback for preset positioning and motion control.

OFI-20B, OTM-20A&C

Fiber-optic test equipment product line; handheld OFI-20B optical fiber identifier detects the optical signals being transmitted through the fibers to identify optical undamaged fibers; OTM-20A&C optical test meters integrates a laser source and tool for optical network test and maintenance; integrates with existing OPTO+ fiber-optic products.

AES/EBU direct cabling assemblies

Available in 10ft and 15ft versions and with a wide variety of XLR connector combinations, including all male, all female, mixed genders or TRS connectors; include Tails/Tails, DB25 analog or digital Fanouts and DB25 Trunks, supporting either analog or digital wiring standards; designed to be rugged and flexible.

Channel Box

HD/SD switchable, turnkey branding system features 3-D design and controllable playout for branding applications, including tickers, crawls, snypes, promos and end credits; a comprehensive set of real-time video, graphics, effects and audio capabilities can either be integrated with traffic and automation systems or used as a standalone control device; features include a customizable event control GUI, API and control interfaces and an HD/SD switchable platform.


Standalone desktop editing software package runs on normal desktop or laptop PCs; provides video input and output from camcorders via FireWire; can export media files for use by store-and-forward applications; includes Quantel editing capabilities such as dissolves, wipes, custom transitions, one shot effects (white balance, lift, gain and gamma, size and blur/mosaic tracking) and an available templating option for adding text and graphics.

KP-612E and KP-412E

Twelve-position key panels available with push-button or lever key fit in a standard 19RU; feature two encoders, one for headset, microphone, auxiliary input and matrix in volume adjustment, and the other a knob for menu selection; include standard numerical keypad with four extra keys (mic mute, user assignable, page up and page down;) KP-612E features a six-character display, while KP-412E features a four-character display.


Battery employs high-capacity Li-Ion cells and delivers all-day operating times for a typical 10W handheld camera; offers under-the-camera mounting design that allows one face of the battery to quickly attach to the camera through a mount similar to quick-change tripod adapters; features universal 1/4-20 mounting thread for monopod and tripod interface; delivers up to nine hours of run time to many popular handheld camera models.


Enhancements to anti-piracy product line expand production and post-production content security; offers an administration tool that provides users with complete control of their internal content security system; features Mac OS X functionality and third-party licenses that secure work performed by consultants, subcontractors and other personnel working outside a main facility; includes NexGuard Packager, NexGuard Granter, NexGuard Viewer and NexGuard Token Manager, all feature encryption, watermarking and key management technologies.
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ProStream 2000

Digital splicer allows seamless real-time splicing of SD and HD MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) video streams; offers multichannel splicing capabilities within 1RU; integrates with Entone's StreamLiner digital program insertion solution and other Harmonic IP-based digital video solutions.

Logitek Electronic Systems

Router-based digital audio console uses a series of drop-in modules that permit users to purchase console configurations to meet their needs; multiple frame sizes allow console configurations, ranging from newsroom work areas to on-air locations; features 5.1-compatible operation, direct access to two master mix busses and four sub mix busses from each fader module, and on-board five-function dynamics processor and four-band equalizer.

Cinegy Air

Completely software-based automation and playout server; relies on open IT architecture; supports all standard video files from DV to 1080i HD MPEG-2 long GOP 4:2:2; control via TCP/IP interconnect; scalable to hundreds of channels; supports closed caption and Dolby E pass-through.

generationQ templating

Templating facility allows users to set sophisticated house styles and maximize productivity by quickly and easily entering information into the templates; templates can be designed and built around live video content; allows for frequent refreshing for the latest program information and last-minute changes.


HD/SD playout server features integral channel branding and playlist control; offers playout with graphics rendering for dynamic control over long-form clips, commercial spots, tickers and crawls; its graphics engine allows a virtually unlimited number of animated elements to be individually keyed at each layer.


MPEG transport stream monitor features new IP/GigE option that allows network engineers to view multiple or single program transport streams over GigE networks, identify signal degradation issues and correct problems; enables real-time monitoring of the broadcast video quality at any network access point over an IP network with integrated IP metrics and comprehensive MPEG tests, allowing users to quickly relate the source of MPEG errors to the IP traffic.