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New Products

ExtremeStor-DI REDe Tower

Desktop video storage workstation designed for Red Digital Cinema CPU-intensive content; integrates Dual Intel Quad Core processors for maximized computing power; with 2.5TB to 10TB of internal storage to choose from, the unit delivers up to 600Mb/s of sustained data throughput in RAID 5.
+1 818 701 7771;


Hybrid-fiber camera connector withstands tough mobile environments with shuttered optics to prevent contamination; field-repairable, gender-changeable, reliable and designed to be as easy to use as ProAx Triax connectors; o-ring protection provides an IP68 rating without external protection boots; offers higher optical performance due to the exclusive use of the BX.5 APC fiber connector that has a minimum return loss of -65dB; supports high data rate demands.
+49 30 84 53 18 18;

Nitris DX

Editing system maximizes real-time performance by tightly integrating Avid software and hardware with the CPU, host graphics card and PCI Express connection to create a high-bandwidth, high-performance effects engine; provides real-time output of all major SD and HD formats, as well as native support for “Thin Raster” formats, including DVCPRO HD and XDCAM HD; offers real-time output with multiple streams of HD and native editing support for AVC-I.
+44 175 365 5999; (opens in new tab)

Broadcast Enclosures

Housing and storage solutions feature welded steel frame construction for strength and support and the Quick Mount System for flexible and quick cable routing; options include reversible doors, riser bases, side and top panels, spacing panels, EIA rail kits, drawers and front-mount work surfaces; accessories include shelving, mounting devices and cable tie mounts; for passive convective cooling, options include perforate, solid glass and vented doors, as well as a variety of top-panel options.
+1 314 854 8000

Callisto Brick House

A range of rack-mount and portable digital production switchers; combine full broadcast specification with program/preview bus switching; Callisto-P is a portable six-input self-contained switcher with universal power supply; Callisto-F is a rack-mount eight-input switcher with integral front panel control; Callisto-R is a rack-mount eight-input switcher with Callisto-C RS-422 linked remote panel.
+44 1962 777733


HD ENG lens provides 17X magnification, with 7.6 focal length at the wide end and 130mm focal length at the telephoto end; maximum relative aperture is 1:1.8 for 7.6 through 102mm, and 1:2.3 at 130mm; 2X extender is standard; weighs 1.53kg and measures 85mm × 203mm; features Inner Focus, a servo module with Digi Power, Quick Zoom, One Shot Pre-Set, Cruise Zoom and remote control via RS-232.
+49 211 5089 100

SE DSP Monitoring System

Audio monitoring system combines the new SE761A 10in DSP subwoofer with 8130A digital input active monitors for easy configuration as a subassisted stereo or multichannel reference system; features new AutoCal GLM SE software that provides a familiar graphic interface to speed setup and calibration; designed for smaller recording and mixing environments.
+358 17 83 881

Hitachi Kokusai

HDTV camera enhancements feature 60dB signal-to-noise ratio at F10 and 1100 horizontal TV lines; new CCU provides fiber or digital triax/coax transmission as well as an optional crossconverter to make 720p out of 1080i and embedded digital audio in the HD-SDI outputs; camera head features dual HD-SDI, MON, dedicated prompter, aux return and serial data outputs; offers two choices of CRT-based ENG-type viewfinders, as well as three different studio VF solutions.
+49 6106 6992 0


On-set storage and post-production system features real-time I/O and rugged construction for single or dual streams; ReadyStor Arrays capture 2K, HD and SD in real time; Ready Stor Production captures content on-set and allows for creation of EDLs for editorial and dailies; ReadyStor Review allows users to review shots on a ReadyStor Array and imports EDLs; ReadyStor Post allows the insertion of the ReadyStor Array to make content immediately available.
+1 805 690 3650


Flash-memory tapeless ENG system developed in cooperation with Toshiba includes the GFCAM HDS-V10 tapeless camcorder, the GFSTATION GFS-V10 studio deck and the GFPAK high-capacity Flash media to record more than two hours of HD video; features an open-codec HD/SD architecture, proxy video and metadata convenience.
+44 1932 769700;


Fiber-optic transport link supports 1080p connectivity; economical solution for any digital signal from 5Mb/s to 3Gb/s; available in standalone and rack-mount configurations; ideal for field remotes, sports, ENG/SNG and in-plant distribution.
+1 516 671 7278;

Compact Router series

Affordable, rugged video routers available in 1RU or 2RU footprints; support 3Gb/s, HD-SDI, SD-SDI, AES, AV, AA and data formats; optional field-installable control panel; panels can be programmed like all NVISION Compact Router hardware panels by using the new CRSC software.
+1 530 265 1000;

Observer Edge

Monitoring system enables cable MSOs and station groups to ensure quality of service for remote and unstaffed dark stations; continuously monitors video output at the remote station and transmits quality data to a central server; when the system detects a video or audio fault, it automatically sends a clip demonstrating the error to the operator on duty for resolution.
+1 781 221 7400;


Dual digital hybrid intercom interfaces two two-wire intercom lines to two four-wire lines; advanced digital signal processing achieves automatic nulling; each hybrid features peak-reading level meters to quickly match the levels between the lines; option board provides call signal capability for many two-wire systems.
+49 9421 706 0


Video disk recorder supports HD, 4:2:2 sampling, 10-bit at 130Mb/s; 1920 x 1080i using Motion JPEG2000; offers eight channels of audio with 48kHz 24-bit sampling; measures 2RU high; uses RAID 5; features redundant power supply; supports time code search; includes front panel LCD display for picture, test signals and levels.
+81 3 5785 0557;

Niagara Go Stream SURF

Small, lightweight portable streaming media encoder can simultaneously capture video and send multiple full-resolutions streams to PCs and mobile devices in multiple formats and at multiple bit rates; supports MPEG-4, Adobe Flash Live, Microsoft Windows Media, RealVideo and uncompressed AVI.
+44 1256 345610;

Link Research

HD-capable wireless camera transmitter supports a wide selection of RF modules that can be swapped over to operate in bands of 1.4GHz to 7.5GHz; uses the company's encoding and modulation methods to cut transmission delays to about one frame, making the transmitter suitable for live sports productions; includes options for camera control for Sony and Thomson Grass Valley cameras.
+44 1923 474060;


Multiformat digital switcher provides multicamera switching for small production studios, flight packs and live OB vans; handles up to 12 HD/SD-SDI sources with frame synchronizers available on four inputs; supports switching for up to six sources with frame synchronizers on two inputs; supports 480i, 576i, 720p and 1080i; has one preview and two program outputs, three SDI aux outputs that provide clean feed and one downconverted output.
+44 20 8208 6200;

ProCast CDN

High-performance content distribution platform optimizes file transfers over any IP network; delivers increased efficiency over long distances; incorporates advanced WAN acceleration technology, network management and bandwidth prioritization; enables organizations to monitor and manage transfers of large files between multiple geographic locations faster and easier.
+44 1256 347 400;

Vector 750

Pan and tilt head features CG range span of 80mm to 250mm; with a maximum payload of 75kg, the system facilitates use of camera accessories such as a talent monitor and spotlights; like the Vector 700, its counterbalance mechanism does not use springs or cams; a system of mechanical linkages balance cameras with various center-of-gravity points, making adjustment simple and eliminating the need for time-consuming changes when altering the camera configuration.
+44 1284 752121;


Compact and responsive mixing console designed for TV broadcast studios and OB trucks; available as standard version with up to 54 input channels and as XL version with up to 140 input channels, both with a hardwired bus layout featuring eight sums, eight aux paths and eight n-1 sums; both versions support surround up to 5.1; control surface construction is completely modular, based on an eight-channel grid, yet the surface layout can be chosen freely from eight to 40 channel strips plus a master section.
+49 30 639902 0

VikinX Sublime Compact
Network Electronics/VPG

New line of routing solutions in small configurations is part of the VikinX Sublime router range; provides flexible, reliable and affordable 16 × 2, 8 × 8 and 16 × 16 analog video/audio, AES digital audio and SD/HD digital video router solutions to those requiring small configurations, such as mobile outside applications; all units feature router partitioning and can be controlled via RS-232 and NCB.
+47 33 48 99 99;

Joe and Ed

Broadcast editors for Enterprise sQ and Newsbox HD integrated production systems; Joe is the journalist editor, configurable to individual requirements and adapted to work inside newsroom computer systems; provides editing, scripting and control from a single interface; Ed is the craft editor, fully loaded with multi-layer timeline and complete Quantel production toolset.
+44 1635 48 222;

OnAir 2500

Digital on-air console with control surface, I/O breakout, DSP core and power supply integrated within a single compact chassis; available in configurations of 12, 18 and 24 faders, with motorized channel faders available as an option; fader strips include a graphical OLED screen, which contains a channel label, level and gain reduction meter, and parameter readouts; adjustable via rotary encoder and two push buttons below the display.
+41 44 870 7511;

Middle Atlantic Products

Series of anti-slip cable support pads designed to drop in from top of racks; improves cable management and performance in broadcast applications; takes almost 40 percent of the cable weight off the tie point, while reducing pull tension at mounting points.
+1 973 839 1011

Ensemble Designs

Field kit for acquisition offers rugged housing for BrightEye video converters, sync pulse generators and fiber transmitters; can be used in broadcast, sports and mobile applications; can be outfitted with a variety of video converters, audio embedders and test pattern generators, depending on the application; an Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Battery connector plate is installed on side of case and wired into power system.
+1 530 478 1830

Spinnaker 4000
Inlet Technologies

Real-time, ASI to IP/Web video transcoding system bridges the gap between traditional broadcast media and the evolving requirements for new media over IP networks; decreases hardware needs by directly ingesting ASI content without the expensive equipment required to decode to baseband video; features auto program detection, making managing multi-program streams more efficient than today's traditional IRD.
+1 919 856 1080;

Power Manage Series

Mains distribution units include the MDU-12-PM remote power management, the MDU-12-PA power alert unit, the MDU-14-CO changeover unit and MDU-14-B power standard unit; power standard unit provides 14 fused IEC outlets; power manager unit offers full SNMP alarm monitoring, as well as 16 GPI inputs for the remote management of non-networked rack hardware; changeover unit fits in 1RU and automatically switches to a redundant power supply in the event of power failure.
+44 1628 676 200;

Broadcast Flash Memory Library FML200

Flash memory-based ingest and play-to-air solution with no moving parts offers reliability and 10X less power consumption than spinning disk-based counterparts; can be used to supplement or replace spinning disks in the on-air chain; combining flash memory with the company's MediaCluster server architecture, it offers IP-centric connectivity that integrates with file-based workflows.
+1 978 897 0100;


Media production management system provides HD and SD editing with effects on the same timeline, proxy editing while recording; capable of generating multiple, simultaneous output formats in different resolutions; allows bi-directional metadata exchange, auto-selectable proxy data rates to accommodate differing satellite installations and assignable user security; other features include comprehensive set of editing, browse, search and monitoring tools simultaneously supporting HD/SD, 4:3/16:9 content.
+44 1865 842300;

Comtech EF Data

DVB IP encapsulation platform encapsulates IP data into multiprotocol encapsulation format for distribution over an ASI; features expanded functionality; is suited for high-speed data applications; fits in 1RU; is equipped with two GigE inputs and dual ASI outputs; is capable of network throughput up to 155Mb/s and a aggregate packet processing of 140,000 packets per second.
+1 480 333 2200;


Wireless mobile transmission system produces wireless, full-bandwidth, uncompressed HD/SD-SDI pictures live in real time with less than 1ms delay; supports multiple video formats and two channels of embedded audio; offers wireless transmission via MIMO/OFDM operating in the 5.1GHz to 5.8GHz frequencies and an IDX V-mount for rear-mounting of an IDX battery.
+44 1753 547692;

Virtu VN200

SGI_Virtu vn200_200806.jpeg

Visualization system for collaborative and standalone environments features the latest generation of Intel Quad-Core processors and NVIDIA Quadro FX graphics technologies; as many as five nodes can be packed into 4RU, ideal for today's cluster environments; employs the company's comprehensive visualization-enabled software environment stack, a suite of fully validated and optimized operating systems, utilities and applications.
+44 118 912 7500;