New products

Cobalt Digital

Audio loudness meter system is developed for use with the Fusion3G and 9000 Compass series cards for openGear; provides a flexible, comprehensive solution for ingest or on-air loudness metering and assessment; features true peak-level detection, error tracking and logging, and intuitive interface with touch-screen control; ensures thorough audio level and LKFS assessment information with ATSC A/85 and ITU BS.1770 compliance; software can be ordered with product purchase or activated later.

Morpheus ICE v2

Updated automation system boasts an expanded feature set and full ratification for running in a virtual machine environment; includes enhanced join in progress to help broadcasters manage overruns in live events and a new Media Ball configuration tool, which assists in taking new channels to air more quickly; supports 720p and closed captioning.


Eight-motor remote control for 3-D rigs features an intuitive operation concept with feedback on display, a spectrum analyzer that indicates field intensity of the selected channel and reveals possible interfering signals in the complete transmission range, and a USB interface.
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DELTA-hd-e 40

Four-channel video card doubles the per-slot capability of PCIe cards to ingest SD or HD-SDI channels to a PC server; offers audio and time code de-embedding, ANC and VBI extraction, uncompressed 8-bit/10-bit/12-bit digital video capture and playback, and system development tools for Windows and Linux environments; supplied in a package with the VideoMasterHD OEM SDK and integration support from DELTACAST.

MML Series

Series of connector solutions includes plugs, receptacles, jacks, adapters, pigtails and cable assemblies; addresses market demand for smaller, miniaturized connectors for applications such as WiFi access points, GPS and other mobile terminals; features two types of PCB receptacles and three corresponding types of space-saving plugs with mated heights of 2.5mm, 2mm and 1.5mm, and operating frequency range of DC 6GHz, and a typical VSWR of 1.35; offers cable assemblies with three RoHS-compliant 50Ω high-performance cables: 1.3mm for MML H2.5, 1.13mm for MML H2.0 or .81mm for MML H1.5.


ValueLine fiber-optic video/data multiplexer meets demand for a cost-effective fiber-optic solution; transmits eight channels of digitally encoded video with two data channels over a single optical fiber.

Harmonic Rhozet Carbon Coder 3.15
Carbon Server 3.15

Updated transcoding systems feature read/write of CEA-708 HD captions in VANC for Grass Valley GXF files, support for CEA-708 captions in MPGE-2 transport streams, caption conversion from CEA-608/analog to CEA-708/DTV, multiple audio programs for Windows Media output, MXF SMPTE 436M VBI reading, extended teletext and STL caption file support, and MPEG-2 transport stream API demultiplexer.


Digital bus technology passes power, video and control over a single bidirectional Cat 5e cable; provides a bidirectional control channel for RS-232 communication transmitting/receiving uncompressed digital video up to and including 1080p/60Hz; designed for 12V DC PTZ cameras with digital outputs that use RS-232 for control; comprises the EZIM OneLink, which sits at the PTZ camera end and includes the HDMI transmitter, power regulator and bidirectional control channel for RS-232, the Quick-Connect OneLINK, which sits at the headend and includes the HDMI receiver, power supply for the camera and the bidirectional control channel for RS-232, and Cat 5e cable.

MXFactory v3

Software creates Avid-compatible MXF files from a wide range of video formats; can be used as both a stand-alone system and in integrated workflows to speed up the ingest process; enables users to drag and drop AAF files into Media Composer bins; provides improved colorimetry and quality of Avid DNxHD material; accepts either 601 or RGB input.


Intercom platform consists of the HelixNet Main Station (HMS-4X) and HelixNet Beltpacks (HBP-2X); based on Clear-Com's I.V. Core technology; breaks down the silos of separate intercoms and allows operators to seamlessly connect and control multiple system connections on a single communications platform; all systems on the platform are designed to work on common, standard cabling, such as microphone cables, Cat 5 and fiber; also can connect into a facility on a standard LAN/IT network infrastructure without new wiring.

Element Technica

3-D camera rig is designed to stereoscopically mount midsized and box-style digital cameras such as the Scarlet, Epic, SI-2K and Sony EX3 and P1 mounted with any ENG-style lenses; constructed with aircraft-grade CNC machined aluminum, stainless steel and carbon fiber; can be quickly set up and precisely aligned, configured in side-by-side or beam-splitter modes; is camera-agnostic.

Hi Tech Systems

Windows application simplifies the movement of video clips between a range of broadcast servers and Avid or Apple Final Cut Pro editing systems; powered by Marquis Broadcast's Media Highway; improves file-based workflows by providing fast, reliable media transfers without file incompatibility problems; integrates with Hi Tech's active Filer server control panel, which enables operators to build highlight lists of clips that can be edited prior to the chosen media being exported directly from the server to the editing system; supports DV25, DVCPRO 25/50 and IMX 30/40/50 SD formats, DVCPRO 100 and XDCAM 50 HD formats, and Grass Valley K2, Harris NEXIO, Omneon and SeaChange video servers.
+44 1256 780880

Pixel Power
Automated Transition Logic

Automated graphics system simplifies operations and reduces the possibility of graphical playout errors; allows templates to modify their appearance automatically in response to changes in one or more of the objects within the template; ensures that a single template can accommodate dynamic changes to data or graphical objects without the need for external intervention or the creation of additional templates.

NOA Audio Solutions
mediARC 1.5

Upgraded audio archive management solution includes expedited cataloging, a more user-friendly interface, better responsiveness, greater security, enhancement to the linking clipboard to support faster and easier batch cataloging, enhanced workflow management with a new import/export tool, customized logging procedures that include orders per item and orders according to chronology, and additions to the built-in report generator, including flexible report templates.
+43 1 545 27 00;

HRO 69

High-quality 3.5mm lens is designed for use with the latest 1/3in miniature three-CCD HD cameras; features 3.5mm focal length, 69-degree horizontal angle of view, F2.2-F16 aperture range, back focus, a special bump cover to protect the lens front and 40.5mm filter thread adapter option; includes stainless steel locking screws for aperture and focus adjustment, as well as spare lens caps.
+44 1234 855 222;

Roland Systems Group
M-300 V-Mixer

Digital mixing system features 32 mixing channels, left/center/right outputs, eight aux buses, four matrices, four-band PEQ and dynamics on all channels, 11 built-in multieffects/PEG and delay on all outputs, 24-bit AD/DA for high-quality sound remotely controllable from a PC, record/playback from USB flash memory, and integration with Digital Snake for high-quality audio transmission, distribution, splits and merging.

artemis Cine HD Pro

Cine system features dual video processing, which allows HD-SDI and SD video signals to be used simultaneously; offers hot-swap technology and HiCap wiring, which keeps power loss extremely low and allows for a longer battery operating time; has a new 1.8in post with matching gimbal; can be expanded with various modules.


Prompting software application interfaces with WinPlus News or Studio software; enables downloading or transfer of scripts or run orders directly to the prompting device.

Blackmagic Design
Smart Videohub

1RU routing switcher features 3Gb/s SDI, auto switching SD, HD and 3Gb/s, as well as full SDI reclocking; includes crystal-looking buttons on the front, with 16 buttons for destinations and 16 buttons for sources; front panel can be removed to allow labeling of buttons; all buttons are illuminated by brilliant white LEDs; when used in dark rooms, all buttons can be backlit so button labels can be clearly seen; includes control interfaces for USB, direct Ethernet and RS-422 serial.

Marshall Electronics

120Hz OLED monitor uses an HD 15in 1366 × 768 120Hz OLED panel housed in a rugged metal enclosure; this panel technology provides a wider range of colors, gamut, contrast and brightness; a wide 180-degree viewing angle makes colors appear accurately without shift, while providing true blacks; features low power consumption and fast response time.

Brick House Video

Server control/vision switcher system seamlessly integrates live sources and action replay; comprises Hi Tech server controllers, Brick House Video's digital vision switchers and proprietary software; works with any video server that responds to existing industry protocols; features a wide range of control panels; performs to full broadcast specifications with live asynchronous inputs and a wide range of auxiliary monitoring and other features included as standard.
+44 1962 777733


Low-power, high-speed 290 × 290 crosspoint switch is designed to drive and receive high-speed signals through backplanes; consumes as low as 34W of power with all channels operational; features broadcast and multicast modes, support for data rates from DC to 3.2Gb/s, dynamic on-chip power management control, independent programmable output de-emphasis for driving long-board traces, video-optimized control for multiformat applications, built-in system test features with on-chip PRBS Tx generators and Rx analyzers, 2.5V analog core voltage, 1.8V digital core voltage, input and output voltages that support either 1.2V or 2.5V CML, JTAG-controlled boundary scan, selectable parallel/serial host interface and RoHS compliancy.

HJ15ex8.5B KRSE-V

HDTV portable zoom lens combines HD with an optical image stabilizer function; four stabilization modes are available to meet different shooting conditions; with the company's original optical design, curvature of the field, chromatic aberration and other types of aberrations are easily corrected; flat and high-resolution/contrast image is possible through the whole zoom range covering from wide-end to tele-end.

Atlona Technologies

USB-to-HDMI wireless converter allows any user with a computer to connect wirelessly to any HDTV or VGA monitor; outputs audio in both 3.5mm analog as well as embedded on the HDMI output; enables users to connect up to four receivers to a single transmitter; supports Windows and Mac OS; extends any computer wirelessly from the display at lengths up to 30ft with HDTV resolutions up to 720p or PC and VESA resolutions at 1440 × 1050; can be used to power up to two displays at the same time with identical content because both HDMI and VGA output connections are active at the same time.

Media Applications Server

System enables enterprisewide visibility and coordinated management of content; ensures that content across an environment can easily be managed, accessed and processed from a centralized platform; functions as an intelligent middleware layer between media content stored across multiple storage systems or video servers and the applications that are used to access that content or perform media processing tasks on content as it moves through its life cycle; application servers provide improved efficiency through centralized administration and configuration, centralized security for controlled access to content, a standardized metadata model and a common messaging bus.

NTT Electronics
HDVE-100 Encoder SDK

Software development kit provides functionality for H.264/AVC video encoding with high visual quality and compression rate; supports MPEG-4 H.264/AVC Baseline, Main and High Profile as well as image resolutions up to 1920 × 1080, SMP with complete multithreading, high-speed processing with SIMD instructions and the ARIB STD-B1 standard; features progressive/interlace encoding, automatic scene change detection, CBR rate control, two-pass VBR rate control, resizing of input image, application-dependent optimum parameter presets and adjustable encoding parameters.


Handheld test and measurement system includes an option for Dolby E metering, framing and metadata; once enabled, the option will automatically detect the Dolby E bit stream; up to eight channels carried by the Dolby E stream can be viewed simultaneously via the onboard PPM; option also indicates Dolby E framing by indicating the start and finish positions within the video frame, reporting any discrepancy across frames.
+44 1635 255494;

P2soft v2.3

Ingest gateway solution includes an MXF P2 content manager for Panasonic P2 file review, ingest, logging and transfer as well as a direct consolidation of the timeline into Avid Interplay, enabling editing while ingesting; allows users to manage file ingest and transfer to different destinations, such as playout servers and post production, at the same time.
+33 561 285 606

Artist 1100

Control key panel for Artist digital matrix intercoms; features high-res color OLEDs, with 65,000 colors and a resolution of 140 dpi; the new displays provide readability and can show up to eight highly detailed characters of up to 24 × 24 pixels, ideal for displaying icons and Asian characters; definable marker colors for the keys complete the labeling options and provide instant function identification and signalization, e.g. for incoming calls.


HD POV camera can be used stand-alone or seamlessly integrated with content from full-size cameras; delivers high picture quality thanks to its use of the same technologies borrowed from Sony's larger HDC series studio cameras; three 2.2-million pixel, 2/3in Power HAD FX CCDs and a 14-bit A/D converter offer a sensitivity of F11 at 1080/50i; supports a wide range of recording formats, including 1080/50i, 59.94i, 720/50p and 59.94p; 23.98PsF, 24PsF, 25PsF and 29.97PsF capabilities are available via optional software upgrades.

Grass Valley
NetProcessor 9030/40

Multiplexer offers the power of several multiplexers in one unit, allowing operators to reduce CAPEX and OPEX; is scalable to fit any requirement; features include a wide range of interfaces, full CAS support, embedded SFN or DVB-T2 gateway, and built-in program insertion capability.

8000 series

Aluminium Minimum Diffraction Enclosure (MDE) two-way monitoring systems feature rounded edges that curve into the shapes of the Advanced Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW) and the large rear-opening of the reflex tube; the long, curved reflex tube is flow optimized to increase the woofer's low-frequency extension and SPL capacity; new low-distortion drivers and crossover filters result in improved resolution and less listening fatigue over the entire audio spectrum.
+358 17 813 311;


AberSAN scalable storage platform plug-in combines Fibre Channel and iSCSI block-level connections with multiuser network sharing; provides a virtual SAN on a VMware ESX server by using internal disk resources on an AberSAN into a shareable pool of storage.

Jünger Audio

Wideband eight-channel audio processor focuses on automatic and adaptive loudness control using Level Magic (ITU compliant) and Spectral Signature; can analyze and reproduce the sound signature of your favorite show and using dynamic filters, automatically apply it to your own content; offers optional Dolby decoding and encoding (D, D+, or Pulse), metadata management, 5.1 downmix, and the company's UPMIX functionality.
+49 30 6777 210

Utah Scientific

Combined dual-channel master control and routing system for broadcasters moving to multichannel operation; available with 32 × 32, 64 × 64 and 144 × 144 frame sizes; Dot.Box 64 and Dot.Box 144 are wired for future expansion of inputs, outputs and master control channels.


HDMI splitter/extender/receiver extends video signals with resolutions up to 1920 × 1080p at up to 115ft; allows up to eight HDMI displays to be connected to a single source via Cat X cables; multiple units can be cascaded together to extend the distance and output capability for up to 40 outputs.

TV One

Distribution amplifier, extender and HDMI converter allows SD-SDI, HD-SDI and 3G-SDI signals to be displayed on an SDI and HDMI monitor simultaneously; high-bit-rate processing of 2.970Gb/s ensures fast signals transmission without signal loss and allows greater flexibility in monitor selection; provides two equalized and reclocked 3G/HD/SD-SDI outputs independent of the HDMI output; supports up to eight channels of audio de-embedding; automatically detects and outputs SDI audio channels over HDMI as either LPCM 2.0 or LPCM 7.1; employs locking DC power connector to enhance overall system mechanical security.

Calrec Audio

Management system for Hydra2 network router allows the user to control the Hydra2 network independently from any console control surface, set up routes and configure access rights to all desks on a given network, and label I/O boxes and ports for easy identification; can arrange ports into folders to make them quicker and easier to locate.

LYNX Technik
OTX 5844

Four-channel, auto-detecting, electrical-to-SDI optical conversion transmitter module for Series 5000 card- and rack-based terminal equipment solution provides selectable signal reclocking on each channel, which helps to stabilize signals over long distances and supports SDI/ASI-DVB signals up to 3G/s; features nonreclocking mode that can be selected for each channel and CWDM compatibility; includes four SDI optical outputs and two SDI electrical outputs that can be mapped and reassigned using the integrated 4 × 6 matrix switcher.

Ross Video
NK series

Comprehensive family of routing solutions is available in a wide variety of matrix sizes and types, a selection of flexible control panels and a powerful control system; a full range (from utility to facility solutions) of crosspoint matrices are available in sizes from 16 × 4 to 320 × 320 and a wide range of types, including modular 72x, 144x and 320x designs; control system features distributed control architecture with no single point of failure, Phoenix control surface for configuration and monitoring, virtual routing and a range of highly flexible control panels.

NVISION 8500 Enterprise Class

Routers feature integrated audio processing, including de-embedding, shuffling, break-away and re-embedding capabilities; use new hybrid switching technology, which allows every frame in the router family to de-embed, route and re-embed up to 16 channels of mono audio per video input and output in a completely nonblocking audio/video switch.

Axon Digital Design

3Gb/s HD and SD stereoscopic production and transmission tool can be sourced with a stereoscopic image (and a backup source); these sources are processed internally to provide multiple outputs, and they are compatible with 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s for full 1080p/50 or 1080p/59.94 application.

SKM 5200-II

Handheld transmitter provides sound engineers with expanded switching bandwidth of up to 184MHz; features adjustable sensitivity from 40dB to zero in 1dB steps and a three-position low-frequency filter; operates in low intermodulation mode, which increases the number of usable channels in crowded RF environments, standard 10mW mode to extend operating time and 50mW to increase the transmitter's range.

Isilon Systems

Scaled-out storage platform operating system combines file system, volume manager and RAID into one unified software layer to create a single intelligent file system that spans all nodes within a cluster; enables independent or linear scalability of performance and capacity to more than 45GB/s of throughput and more than 10.4PB of capacity in a single file system, a single point of management for large and rapidly growing repositories of data, and mission-critical reliability and high availability with sophisticated data protection; delivers cluster-aware symmetric multiprocessing that enables the system to move tasks between processors for more efficient workload balancing.

Linear Acoustic

Audio loudness manager for DTV provides wideband and multiband processing, frequency tailoring, and psychoacoustically-based compensation for background noise effects and hearing-impaired viewers; delivers viewers a satisfying experience appropriate for widely varying individual listening environments; standard I/O is AES3id; options include built-in Dolby Digital (AC-3) encoding, HD/SD-SDI I/O and redundant power supplies.

Triveni Digital
StreamScope MT-40LCP

Low-cost version of MT-40 analyzer facilitates end-to-end MPEG-2/MPEG-4 transport stream monitoring and analysis for DTV signals; features two PCI card slots, a reduced size and weight, and an optional battery-equipped unit; supports options for RF, SMPTE 310, ASI, QPSK, file inputs and GigE; can monitor, alarm, troubleshoot, record and measure DTV transport streams; includes remote monitoring, EPG display, PSIP and PSI crosstable consistency checking, SD/HD video thumbnails, closed-captioning, IP route analysis, and IGMPv3 for IP multicast support.

Telecast Fiber Systems
CopperHead 3050

Camera-mounted fiber-optic transceiver sandwiches between the camera and professional battery system, while the 1RU base station mounts in the truck; delivers uncompressed HD video and broadcast-quality audio from the camera, returning off-air video, intercom and a powered IFB feed that works with a standard IFB belt pack for the reporter; features 10/100 Ethernet for high-speed connection to an ENG truck.