New Products


Foot control that connects directly with WinPlus prompter software, offering built-in intelligence to allow production staff or multiple presenters to allocate any controller for use at any time and with failsafe accuracy; using intuitive deskpad keys, the presenter can immediately assign specific controllers, view which ones are live, personalize them, and enable or disable.

Digital Media Manager

Media management application allows content owners to upload, catalog, edit, package and publish digital media content for live or on-demand playback; schedules instant and future content deployments and playback schedules for digital signage, desktop video and enterprise TV; reports on playback schedules; manages Q&A for live desktop broadcasts; customizes and brands signage screen layouts and enterprise TV skins and menus.


Wireless camera transmitter features a compact design that makes it practical to be installed on the camera back; integrated MPEG-2 4:2:2/4:2:0 digital encoder ensures a high-quality video signal; low end-to-end latency enables the system to be used for both single-camera applications and multicamera productions.
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Entry-level HD/SD waveform monitor is a single-channel version of the four-channel PT0760M; displays R, G, B, luminance and gamut errors; de-embeds and displays up to 16 audio channels; user-installed upgrades, which allow the unit to be transformed into a PT0760M in the field, include Dolby E decoding and 5.1 surround-sound monitoring, as well as Cb, Cr and vectorscope.

Grass Valley

Content delivery platform can decode H.264 content as well as MPEG-2 content from existing MEDIAEDGE3 systems; includes a new HDMI output connector to enable the use of a wider variety of HD monitors and displays; allows users to store and deliver HD content at about a 30 percent lower data rate than MPEG-2; existing MEDIAEDGE3 users can upgrade for a small fee.

XX-HD series

XLR cable connectors equipped with a heavy-duty, hybrid metal/rubber design to protect against dust and water; meet IP67 rating requirements; series includes a three-pole female XLR connector with optional black housing and a three-pole male XLR connector with optional black housing; include rugged zinc die-cast shell and gold contacts; offer chuck-type strain relief system for secure cable clamping.

Axon Digital Design

HD/SD downstream keyer designed for the Synapse system; features four HD/SD inputs (two background inputs, one fill input and one key input) and four HD/SD outputs (two program outputs, one preview output and a user-definable output); controllable via Ethernet or GPI; compatible with SD-SDI and HD-SDI; can be upgraded to 3Gb/s compatibility; includes transparency for 16 channels of embedded audio and all ANC data.

Blackmagic Design

3Gb/s SDI and optical fiber SDI scope designed for editors and colorists; plugs into any compatible Windows computer with a 24in monitor; displays six live scope views simultaneously; auto detects SD, HD and 3Gb/s SDI inputs.


Content management system gives service providers unprecedented visibility of the content that enters their library and throughout the content lifecycle; designed for the centralized management of any metadata format, content type and workflow process; the file-based content ingested into and stored in the CMS may include VOD programs, advertising, music and games; increases overall operational efficiency through the automation of customized content processing via a rules management interface and extensible workflow.

Utah Scientific

Visual control panel demonstrates new approach to user interface design for routing switchers; panel uses two touch-screen LCD monitors to combine monitoring and control functions on a flexible 3RU panel.


HD/SD sync generator features two SD sync outputs that can be switched between color black and color bar output, and four HD sync outputs, which produce an HD trilevel sync output; supports 19 various HD output formats; an AES 11 output (switchable between silent and tone modes) and a wordclock output are also standard features; all outputs are provided on rear-panel BNC connectors; front-panel dip switches allow for easy setup.


On-air graphics system can play HD full-screen movie objects and manipulate many times the number of objects of the previous version; scalable to two independent channels, optional DVEs, clips, and the latest Lyric PRO 7.1 creation and playout package; features simultaneous HD 3D animations on two channels, creation and playout on devices with WYSIWYG software, Adobe XMP metadata validation and adaptive primitives, and FBX importer.

Grass Valley

Production switcher family features six keyers per M/E, 20 channels of DPM (including a four-channel eDPM with two combiner outputs), source rules that associate keys with a source, a device control module with jog wheel interacting with its Q-MEM cue library, and defined E-MEM providing finer control of E-MEM effects; offers up to 96 inputs and 48 outputs in a single frame; a half M/E with six linear/luminance keyers is standard; modular control panel provides instant access to its features.

DiviCom Electra 8000


Encoding and transcoding platform supports MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) and MPEG-2 codecs in SD and HD formats, up to full frame-rate 1080p 50/60; provides superior video quality in a dense and power-efficient form factor — four channels per rack unit (RU) and using 40 percent less power than the industry average for HD AVC encoding; cable MSOs can deliver up to four HD MPEG-2 services in one QAM, satellite operators can increase channel count per transponder, telco IPTV service providers can improve reach with constant bit-rate HD video at 5Mb/s or less, and broadcasters can implement cost-effective and integrated HD/SD statistical multiplexing and PSIP remultiplexing.

ProView 7000


Integrated receiver stream-processing platform based on Scopus IRD technology; combines a scalable video receiver, DVB descrambler, multiformat decoder and MPEG stream processor in a single rack unit; allows users to deploy advanced and cost-effective IP-based contribution and distribution applications; by integrating ASI aggregation, powerful multiplexing, and the ability to decode all formats and standards, it provides the ideal solution for customers looking to future-proof their operations and cut capital and operating costs.

Videotek HD-STAR

HD/SD-SDI monitor/generator provides multiformat functionality for monitoring and generating video and embedded audio signals; input auto format detection upgrade allows for a separate format for the test signal generator and input monitoring; continuous picture motion upgrade provides a bouncing block at three different selectable speeds; features a video test signal generator, color monitor, waveform monitor, vectorscope, serial data analyzer and audio analyzer/monitor; includes a 320 x 240 color LCD touch-screen display.


Connector complies with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards for both signal and cable; uses two single-mode fibre contacts, two high-voltage contacts and two signal contacts; features a rugged, stainless steel outer shell; the optical contacts are accessible for fast cleaning.

Marshall Electronics

Portable monitors with 3Gb/s Serial Digital Interface (3G-SDI); the new camera-top monitors incorporate a 3Gb/s multirate SDI receiver the 6.5in and 7in camera-top LCD monitors offer 3Gb/s SDI, HD-SDI (1.5Gb/s single and dual link), SD-SDI, HDMI and component inputs; 3G is backwards compatible with existing SD and HD infrastructures using 75-ohm coaxial cable.

Media GeniX WHATS'On Generation 3

Multiuser software backbone that covers the whole process of schedule management for an entire station, from budgeting, press communication and scheduling to broadcasting and beyond; the software covers the intricate web of interactions and constraints between strategic planning, scheduling, traffic management, program acquisition, production, promotion, commercials, transmission preparation, media and finance information..
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Kaleido X-16


Multiviewer ideal for use within control rooms and mobile applications; designed for 3Gbps/3D and HD/SD/Analog video; delivers high level of image quality, layout flexibility and tight router integration; compact 1RU chassis features 16 inputs, two multiviewer outputs and a 16 × 2 router; offers seamless integration with the NVISION router family, and third-party routers, to allow expansion up to 1152 video inputs and 144 multiviewer outputs.

NVISION Enterprise Class


3Gbps/HD/SD routers feature resilience, scalability and integration; designed for dependability, with full power supply, controller and crosspoint redundancy; available in sizes up to 1152 × 1152 video inputs; provide unmatched signal path integrity for improved return loss and cable length performance.


3G fiber link designed for transmission of SDI and HD-SDI TV signals on single-mode fiber-optic cable; measures 3in in length; ideal for a wide variety of pro A/V and broadcast applications, including video production and editing, ENG with additional uses for sports teleproduction, field production, remote camera links, cross-campus production, prefibered venues and courtesy feeds; designed for simple, single hop, 3G HD-SDI fiber-optic runs with a clean signal at the start; longer fiber-optic runs and multiple hops will start to accumulate jitter.

opticalCON QUAD

Fiber-optic connector system designed for multichannel and point-to-point cabling applications; meets IP65 rating against dust and water; available with four- or 12-channel mobile field cables; triple-split 12-channel features three opticalCON-4 connectors on both ends; offer a cut-proof double jacket with a glass yarn armored cable construction.

OCTOPUS Final Cut plug-in

As a part of the OCTOPUS6 newsroom computer system, offers advanced features with real flexibility; the OCTOPUS6 FCP plug-in for Apple Final Cut Pro is the first of a set of plug-ins for different standalone NLEs; the plug-in allows the newsroom to fully integrate Apple Final Cut into the OCTOPUS workflow; by using the placeholder concept, the whole process from creating the story to on-air playout is simple; all video clips available in OCTOPUS are viewable and searchable within the OCTOPUS6 FCP plug-in; clip metadata is sent via standard MOS protocol.
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MediaPort 5400, 5500, 5600 and 6200/6300 series


MediaPort modules for the company's Spectrum and MediaDeck servers; extend real-time codec support to facilitate flexible, cost-effective production and playout of SD and HD content; provide codec capabilities that support implementation of streamlined and economical workflows in bringing multiformat media to air; new features include scrub audio, improved jog/shuttle and still modes, and integrated real-time proxy generation as well as SD/HD simulcast that enable video servers to support fast-paced production environments.


HD camcorder records up to 180 minutes of HD video at full-pixel sampling rate of 1920 × 1080, or up to 720 minutes using HE mode with 32GB SD/SDHC card; captures still images at 10.6 million pixel resolution; features three 1/4in progressive MOS sensors, 10.6-megapixel still photo capture and 12x optical zoom; incorporates color reproduction system, various focus-assist functions and waveform monitoring; includes removable grip and optional removable XLR mic adaptor.


Switcher offers 16 SD/HD-SDI standard inputs with a built-in, dual-screen multiviewer, multiple keyers, four aux busses, two picture-in-pictures, shot memory and 3D effects for both background and key inputs; allows users to see four, six or 10 images on each of two high-resolution displays; comes with 16 built-in frame synchronizers, four built-in upconverters, four SD/HD-SDI outputs and two scalable DVI outputs.

PlayBox Technology

An entry-level video and graphics playout package; the extensive all-in-one software integrates graphics, animation, video, audio and real-time external data feeds to build the final layout and look of the media; supplies all that's needed to run anything from a video subchannel to a graphics-intensive, 24-hour automated information channel.
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ProTelevision Technologies
MediaFLO Modulator

Signal modulator supports a range of control methods including SNMP, embedded WebService, RS-232, RS-485, etc.; provided with RF output of 30MHz-1GHz; includes adaptive precorrection, transport stream over IP input and DVB-S/S2 reception; changes or updates to the modulation standard require only loading of the modified code into the device over the Ethernet interface; works in combination with any third-party RF power amplifier to provide a high-quality RF signal in a MediaFLO broadcasting network.
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ProTelevision Technologies
ATSC Modulator

Signal modulator based on PT2000 Terrestrial Gateway platform; employs state-of-the-art digital signal processing for the channel coding and modulation process plus fully integrated RF performance; offers transmission frequency range of 30MHz-1GHz; features adaptive precorrection; works in combination with any third-party RF power amplifier to provide a high-quality RF signal in an ATSC broadcasting network; supports changes or updates to the modulation standards by simple loading of the modified code into the device over the Ethernet interface.
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PlayBox Technology
Edge Server

Automated remote playout station enables the full operation and monitoring of distant broadcast playout using the public Internet as the link for all content delivery, control and monitoring; customizable to fit user requirements, single and multichannel operation and full equipment redundancy are available; can enable the complete localization of content branding including commercials, station IDs, multilingual audio, subtitles and graphics.
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Artist 5000

Intercom control panels offer a cost-effective entry to the world of Artist Digital Matrix Intercom applications; available in two versions either with marker strips or with eight character, high-contrast LCD displays, which show the label for each talk key; the control panels with LCD display are also equipped with a shift-page, essentially doubling up the number of keys to a total of 16.

Rohde & Schwarz


Broadcast test system supports ATV and DTV multistandard testing; features output frequency of 100kHz-3GHz, generation of internal noise and interferer signals, fully digital baseband signal processing and I/Q modulator with 180MHz RF bandwidth; provides SSB phase noise of -135dBc at 1GHz and optional output of up to 19dBm; SFU-K18 real-time coder option generates ATSC Mobile DTV-compliant signals; SFU-K16 option generates DVB-T2-compliant signals.

Rohde & Schwarz
R&S SMA 100A


Signal generator/analyzer configures and analyzes complex pulse trains; SMA-K27 option allows users to quickly configure different pulse trains for tests in radar-specific development, production and maintenance without an external pulse generator; SMA-K28 option enables users to perform a power analysis of signals directly by using the SMA 100A and a power sensor from the R&S NRP-Z, measuring different parameters such as pulse rise and fall times as well as pulse width and dynamic range.

Screen Service
DBT and DTT series

A new generation of digital television transmitters with a high degree of integration for SFN or MFN networks according to DVB-T, DVB-H and ATSC standards; a broad range of modulators and accessories allows the configuration of these units as transmitters, transposers, gap-fillers, with or without digital echo-cancellers, and regenerative transposers; transmitters are equipped with integrated SFN adapters and a highly advanced DUAL-MODE function, which enables, using the same hardware, to digitally reproduce analog carriers and choose whether to transmit in DVB-T or PAL (ATSC or NTSC) by means of a simple locally activated push-button on the front panel, remotely using a clean contact and/or by means of a dedicated command inserted in the transport stream.


HD/SD video transport for HD/SD news-gathering, broadcasting and video post production; enables users to capture, transmit and play live and file-based video; provides 1080i/720p/1080psf HD video at data rates from 512Kb/s to 30Mb/s and SD video from 64Kb/s to 15Mb/s.


SD MPEG-2 encoder delivers high-quality SD video at bit rates previously unachievable with the MPEG-2 standard; aimed specifically at demanding low bit-rate applications; real-time encoder is ideal for high-performance DTH applications via satellite, digital terrestrial or cable.

Utah Scientific

UTAH 100 Stack_0809

New line of small routers, distribution amplifiers ; series includes fixed-frame and modular routers and distribution amplifiers for signal types ranging all the way from analog to the new 3G HD format; available in fixed-frame sizes of 8 × 8 and 16 × 16 with 1RU and 2RU modular frames that support routers sized up to 16 × 16 and 32 × 32, respectively; series also includes a full-featured sync and test signal generator with options designed for all professional video applications.

vsncreaTV 2.4

Traffic and planning solution allows simultaneous multiclient operation regardless of Web browser being used; adds bisynch technology to provide a total low-level synchronization with automation solutions; playlists and grids can be opened from vsnmulticom 8.5 directly so changes concerning secondary events, auxiliary scenes and overlays will be synchronized.

vsnmulticom 8.5

Automation tool includes advanced integration with content manager vsnnetsharer and improved operation with EVS servers; provides a playlist modification tool that allows users to add or delete gap-filling blocks intelligently based on criteria established by the master control operator.