New LineGuard surge suppressors protect vulnerable data lines

Para Systems has released of a new line of data line surge suppressors designed to protect equipment from being damaged by electrical surges or spikes. The new Minuteman LineGuard products are intended to protect analog and digital surveillance cameras, DVRs and other network peripherals, including devices using power over Ethernet.

Minuteman’s LineGuard products incorporate solid-state surge protection technology with a response time of 2ns to 5ns, clamping the surge to ground and automatically resetting itself after a low-voltage surge occurs. If a catastrophic surge such as lightning hits a data line, the LineGuard product provides fail-safe protection, sometimes sacrificing itself to prevent damage to the more expensive devices it was designed to defend.

In most applications, it is recommended that both ends of the data line be protected with a LineGuard device to ensure maximum defense against potentially damaging surges. The seven LineGuard models include protection for PTZ cameras (using BNC connectors or UTP terminal blocks); analog cameras (using UTP to BNC connectors with built-in balun); Cat 5 LAN (RJ-45 connectors); Cat 5 power over Ethernet (RJ-45 connectors); Cat 6 LAN (punch-down block connectors); and Cat 6 power over Ethernet (punch-down block connectors).