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New JDSU kits address need to inspect, clean and test fiber-optic connections

JDSU has released all-in-one fiber-optic test kits, providing network technicians with a simple way to avoid one of the leading causes of network downtime: contaminated, or “dirty,” fiber.

Based on its recognized best practice to “Inspect Before You Connect,” JDSU provides the tools needed to inspect, clean and perform power or attenuation measurements on fiber-optic connections in easy-to-use kits to prevent network damage during installation, qualification and troubleshooting.

JDSU inspection, cleaning and test kits are designed to meet the needs of fiber applications and environments, including FTTx, LAN/WAN and data centers found in both cable and telecommunications networks. The kits include JDSU video fiber microscopes, optical cleaning tools, PocketClass or SMART optical light sources and optical power meters, and a visual fault locator (VFL). The kits also include a wide selection of Westover precision tips for the video fiber microscope and a collection of fiber-optic patch cords for connecting to the system under test.

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