New IHSE USA Draco Tera Gateway Brings KVM Matrices Together Via IP Networks

(Image credit: IHSE)

CRANBURY, N.J.—IHSE USA has introduced the Draco tera KVM-over-IP Gateway that enables organizations to bridge multiple KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) matrices over existing IP networks within buildings, across campuses and between remote locations. 

Designed with the high level of security and performance offered by the Draco tera KVM system combined with the flexibility and ease of connection of IP-based communications, the new gateway can access remote computers and interact in real-time with minimal latency and no visible artifacts, the company said.

“Now you can securely expand and connect multiple KVM systems across geographical locations with ease,” said Dan Holland, marketing manager of IHSE USA. “Via a LAN or WAN, users have the ability to connect globally to KVM systems as one flat matrix. Whether organizations need a solution for intrabuilding connectivity, campus networks, intracity networks or intercity networks, the Draco tera IP Gateway is the perfect link.”

The gateway currently supports up to eight bi-directional IP connections for bidirectional KVM operations with video resolutions up to 4K, the company said.

The Draco tera IP Gateway delivers a high level of security for transmitted data and leverages IHSE’s Secure Core technology, which prevents direct access to data within the KVM system from the IP network, thereby maintaining the integrity of the KVM system, the company said.

More information is available on the company’s website.

Phil Kurz

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