New Hitachi-Comark All-in-One Transmitter Targets NextGen TV

(Image credit: Comark)

SOUTHWICK, Mass.—Hitachi Kokusai Electric Comark has released to Parallax All-In-One (AIO) DTV transmitter designed for stations not repacked in the reallocation of TV spectrum and those desiring to roll out NextGen TV service.

Parallax AIO is a simplified, compact version of the Parallax liquid-cooled, solid-state DTV transmitter introduced in spring 2015. It is intended for medium power DTV applications and is designed with the complete liquid cooling system and RF filtering inside the transmitter cabinet rather than being external subsystems, Comark said.

As a result, on-site installation time is reduced. A field engineer simply connects the transmitter’s RF output to the transmission line and two cooling hoses to the outdoor heat exchanger, the company said. 

The transmitter can be equipped with three to eight power amplifiers in a single transmitter cabinet to deliver between 5.4 kW and 13 kW total power output (TPO). The transmitter’s power amplifiers use the latest asymmetric Doherty LDMOS FET devices, which provide broadband high efficiency operation and the equivalent output power in ATSC 1.0 (8VSB) and 3.0 (OFDM).

The Parallax AIO’s RF system is fully contained in the transmitter rack cabinet. It accommodates either six- or eight-pole variations. The system also offers a motorized RF output switch and liquid-cooled station load with a switch fully integrated into the transmitter’s controls, Comark said.

Hitachi-Comark has published a video overview and demo of the new transmitter on YouTube.  

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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