New Evertz Control Room Solution

Evertz has announced a new VIP-X control room solution that simultaneously addresses two common issues by combining a functional and reliable control room routing platform with a modular multi-image display system in one integrated package. The product features:

  • Evertz Xenon & EQX routing technology;
  • MVP & VIP multi-viewer technology;
  • An advanced user control system featuring Evertz MVP server and Maestro software; and
  • High quality multi-image outputs.

The VIP-X enables two complex items in a control room to function as a single system, and the product eliminates system complexity, saves space and is more economical compared to the traditional autonomous solutions, says Evertz. It is available in several package sizes from a 32 input system with up to 32 router outputs and as many as 24 multi-image displays, or it can be ordered as a larger system that can accommodate up to 288 inputs and 288 router outputs and as many as 72 multi-image displays. Everything in the system can either be hot-swappable or redundant where applicable.