New Ensemble Design BrightEye Mitto takes Web video directly to air

For broadcasters who sometimes rely on video content from the Web as source material, Ensemble Designs has introduced the new BrightEye Mitto.

The BrightEye Mitto, one of seven new products shown at IBC2009, allows Web video to be taken directly to air.

Mitto’s intuitive user interface allows the broadcaster to select a portion of the computer video display using a mouse and send it to air. The region selected for output determines if Mitto acts as an upconverter or downconverter. Filters automatically adjust in accordance with the conversion being performed.

A small, stand-alone unit, the BrightEye Mitto offers 1.5Gb/s and 3Gb/s HD outputs. The genlock reference input allows the output to be timed to house. Analog or digital audio inputs provide for embedded audio on the output.