New Cotton Bowl LED video board to support 720p HD

The State Fair of Texas has chosen Daktronics of Brookings, SD, to design and build a true HD light-emitting diode video display for the Cotton Bowl, home of the annual AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic.

The company’s Sportsound division will provide a new integrated sound system as part of the multi-million dollar contract. The scoreboard and sound system upgrades are part of a $50 million renovation project that includes increasing seating capacity from 76,100 to 92,100, and numerous fan amenity improvements.

The new Cotton Bowl main scoreboard will replace a Daktronics scoreboard that was installed in 1975. When completed, the new ProStar video board will match the 720p HD standard. Center-to-center spacing between pixels is 0.78in. The fully digital board will be able to show a single large HD image or multiple images in separate zones. Display of graphics and animation is also supported. Real-time scores, game time and other game-in-progress information can be overlaid on the video image.

The HD display will measure about 47ft high by 83ft wide. The Sportsound sound system, to be enclosed by a printed identification panel, is planned for the top of the video display.

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