New CMMB-compliant products compress mobile TV system development time for Chinese market OEMs, system integrators

At last week's BIRTV 2008 in China, TeamCast and its local mobile TV deployment partner Digital Horizon introduced the MMB-1000/2000 modulator and the RPX-1000 measurement probe. According to Serge Mal, TeamCast executive VP and general manager, these products were used in the deployment of the first CMMB networks for the Olympic Games in August. Both companies provided CMMB modulation technology and technical assistance to transmitter manufacturers to equip and adjust their main sites.

By integrating all the technology needed for high-quality modulation, the MMB-1000/2000 can be quickly integrated by transmitter manufacturers and system integrators. Designers can manage the TeamCast module by using the device's serial protocol or by developing their own GUI.
The MMB-1000/2000 includes:

· full compliance with CMMB (STIMI technology)
· stream input switching for redundancy
· SFN operation based on TOD synchronization
· optional onboard GPS
· very high modulation performance with RF stability, shoulder level and low phase noise
· linear and nonlinear digital precorrection circuits
· UHF and S-band models

TeamCast's RPX-1000 measurement probe monitors TV and mobile TV digital signal quality at the transmitter output. Measurement of demodulation and transmission parameters is done in real time. The device can be used for transmitter and repeater performance checks, reference measurement for new standards like DVB-SH and CMMB and lab experiments.

The measurement probe supplies:

· real-time demodulation and measurements
· high MER measurement performance
· support for emerging mobile TV standards: DVB-SH, CMMB, DVB-T and DVB-H
· VHF, UHF and S-band versions
· monitoring features at input level, shoulders and MER
· compact size for easy integration
· data for displaying modulation spectrum and constellation views

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