New Century Products adds Calrec consoles

New Century Productions (NCP) is adding two new Calrec mixing desks to its outside broadcasting (OB) fleet.

NCP selected the 72-fader Alpha audio console with Bluefin High Density Signal Processing for its newest HD production truck, NCP X. In addition, NCP is upgrading its NCP IV HD truck with a new 64-fader Sigma audio console with Bluefin.

While both trucks will broadcast a wide variety of sports, entertainment and political events, NCP X was built specifically to meet the standards of ESPN’s “Sunday Night Baseball” telecasts.

The Alpha is Calrec’s top-of-the-line audio console, equipped with 480 channel processing paths packaged as 162 stereo and 156 mono channels, 144 of which can be accessed simultaneously, allowing up to 78 full 5.1 surround channels. Because of Calrec’s Bluefin technology, all of the system’s horsepower is packed onto a single DSP card, making the console durable, power-efficient and compact. A second DSP card provides full redundancy for enhanced reliability.

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