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Nevion to Unveil Optical Conversion Solutions

SANDEFJORD, NORWAY: Nevion is set to debut its new Flashlink active and passive optical modules—the WOC series that provides CWDM protection. Offered within new enclosures, the series offers a passive wideband optical splitter available in 50/50 or 90/10-split ratio, and an active wideband 2x2 optical redundancy switch with tally output.

A new CWDM system (CWDM1-8/CWDM9-16) is based on eight-channel optical filters for scalability through an upgrade port, supporting up to 16 channels of bidirectional traffic on the same fiber, Nevion said. Equipped with long-haul specifications, the filters provide an alternative to Nevion’s 18-channel CWDM filter when fewer channels are needed. Wavelengths are chosen according to the ITU-T G.694.2 standard to ensure maximum interoperability, the company says. Used as a stand-alone filter, or within an N-Box—Flashlink’s Flashlink housing, Nevion’s new 18-channel, bidirectional optical CWDM filter (CWDM18) can function as a multiplexer or de-multiplexer, and occupies one Flashlink slot, the company said. Flashlink Compact 2 is contained in a 1RU frame.

Nevion’s Flashlink Compact 2 provides 36 channels supported by multiple electrical-to-optical and optical-to-electrical conversion with a built-in CWDM filter and hot-pluggable optics.