Neumann expands into loudspeakers

At the Pro Light+Sound 2010 show in Frankfurt, a logo on the Neumann stand alerted visitors to the fact that Neumann, famed for professional microphones, is applying its electroacoustic expertise to the other end of the audio chain. The first new studio monitors carrying the Neumann label are expected to be launched later this year.

Berlin-based Neumann will be adding studio monitors to its product portfolio based on the products of Klein + Hummel, which has been part of the Sennheiser group of companies since 2005. The K+H monitors have an excellent reputation in German-speaking countries, but are less familiar internationally, a situation that Neumann expects to alter by incorporating existing Klein + Hummel studio monitors into the Neumann product portfolio as the KH Line.

“The Neumann brand is well-established in the international studio world. We anticipate a strong synergy effect here,” said Wolfgang Fraissinet, president of marketing and sales at Neumann Berlin. “In the history of the company, Neumann stands for far more than microphone technology. Over the decades we have also produced record-cutting equipment and studio consoles, for example. In addition, Neumann has a leading role in the area of high technology, which is successfully implemented, for instance, in the digital microphones of the Solution-D series.”

Most of the former Klein + Hummel engineers continue to work for the Sennheiser Group, concentrating on installed sound markets at Sennheiser and studio monitoring systems at Neumann. The company also stands behind existing K+H products in the field, assuring uninterrupted service for present and future customers.