Network Electronics to introduce router control panel with video preview

Network Electronics will premiere a new router control panel capable of providing a preview of live video at NAB2005.

The upgraded VikinX modular CP-MDP allows video preview of both sources and destinations via a QVGA high-resolution color graphics display. The CP-MDP features TCP/IP interconnectivity allowing preview on multiple MDP panels, extensive programmability and user-friendly operation.

Network Electronics will also add the 128x128 AES and 64x64 analog audio router to its VikinX line. The new high-density AES 128x128 router fits in a 5RU frame and features 64x64 module cards, 110 Ω, transformer balanced inputs and outputs, and sampling rates from 32kHz to 96kHz. The 64x64 balanced analog audio router also fits in a 5RU frame and supports the same stereo routing as the 128x128 analog audio router.

For more information, visit booth SU9311 or go to

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