Network Electronics Expands Flashlink Series

Network Electronics has expanded its Flashlink series of optical fiber products with the MR-TR-D multi bitrate converter and transponder module. Flashlink is used for simple point-to-point broadcast applications and advanced optical networking.

The MR-TR-D supplies media conversion for signal formats from 19.4 Mbps to 1,485 Mbps. It can be configured as an Electrical-to-Optical converter or as an Optical-to-Optical Transponder. It maintains strong signal accuracy, even in critical applications with pathological video patterns or DVB-ASI K28.5 stuffing characters. MR-TR-D uses wavelengths in accordance with the ITU-T G.692 recommendation for interoperability with third-party fiber optical systems.

The converter builds a bridge between established SDH/SONET services and new services such as uncompressed video, DVB-ASI and GigE, by providing both on one fiber strand. Carriers can use it to enable new services and revenue without investing in a new fiber infrastructure.