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Neptuny to introduce ContentWise 2.0 at IBC2008

Neptuny will launch the ContentWise 2.0 content recommendation engine for IPTV, interactive cable TV and Web TV at IBC 2008 Sept. 12-16 in Amsterdam.

To enable operators to satisfy increasingly complex customer requests and increase customer use of the provided services, Neptuny developed ContentWise, a content recommendation engine that allows operators to provide users with content tailored to their individual preferences based on user ratings and content metadata.

The system also provides opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling. For example, ContentWise can recommend soundtracks and ringtones to a VOD view or propose the sequel of a movie available in a VOD catalog for people who have just watched a movie on live TV.

ContentWise uses two mechanisms to provide recommendations. Collaborative Filtering relies on all users’ ratings and experiences to recommend content chosen by users having similar tastes. Content-Based Filtering uses content metadata, such as movie actor or director names, to make recommendations based on identified user preferences.

See Neptuny at IBC Stand IP2221 or visit