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ND SatCom introduces advanced redundancy control for broadcast, VSAT

At IBC2008 in Amsterdam, ND SatCom introduced an advanced version of its RCU 5000 (Redundancy Control Unit), which supports redundant VSAT as well as redundant mobile and fixed uplink station configurations for broadcast applications.

The 2RU component is designed for controlling the whole uplink chain, including modulator, upconverter and high-power amplifiers. In networks based on ND SatCom’s VSAT platforms SkyWAN and SkyARCS, the RCU 5000 controls the redundancy switching of IDUs (indoor unit) and the RFT 5000 (Radio Frequency Transmitter).

ND SatCom has equipped the RCU 5000 with redundant power supplies that provide a high level of reliability.

The redundancy controller contains RF inhibit functionality and manages up to 3:1 redundant transmit chains. Up to four ND SatCom high-power amplifiers and three waveguide/coax switches can be controlled manually, automatically or by Web interface.

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