National Assembly of Quebec transitions to tapeless TV infrastructure, archive

The National Assembly of Quebec has transitioned to a tapeless television infrastructure with MaestroVision Asset and Storage Managers.

The National Assembly's television channel is responsible for the acquisition, master control and archiving of more than 1300 events per year, including parliamentary activities, press conferences and special events. It also has to reproduce excerpts in different formats for members of parliament, officials, journalists and other interested parties.

Archiving began in the 1970s, and footage was stored on 3/4in U-matic and VHS tapes. Many U-matic tapes suffered problems due to loss of oxide and demagnetization. To ensure the quality and the long-term sustainability of this critical archive content, the National Assembly decided to transition from a tape-based to a tapeless environment using MaestroVision's Asset and Storage Managers.