NAB2006 Pick Hits

Autoscript +Voice-Plus+


An intelligent prompter module to WinPlus; eliminates the need for talent or operator to manually control the speed of text on a teleprompter; requires no training; the system simply follows the spoken word of the talent.

Autoscript GoPrompt15


Compact prompting system; uses a 15in TFT display; is easy to set up and configure; imports scripts from a USB, so no laptop or cables are required; wireless hand control is supplied as standard equipment.

Avid Media Composer


Professional film and video editing software for Mac and Windows; new features include motion tracking and stabilization, full-screen video output over DVI, and HD editing for Mac OS X Tiger systems; combines HD, SD, DV and film formats and resolutions without rendering.

Avid Mojo SDI


Media Composer NLE with Mojo SDI interface; handles DVCPRO HD and HDV, as well as uncompressed digital SDI I/O and IEEE 1394, component, composite and S-video signals; supports up to eight channels of embedded audio plus four channels of AES/EBU.

Axcera Axciter


A completely reprogrammable digital TV exciter; is easily field upgradable with new software versions; system includes AXACT dynamic digital pre-correction and DTVision digital signal analysis; features a VGA front-panel display; supports slave-mode and SFN operation.

Axon Digital Design HSU20/21

+44 118 973 8920

High-end upconverter based on advanced Teranex algorithms; is compatible with ADD-ON Synapse systems; runs on two HQV Realta chips from Silicon Optix, providing 2 trillion ops; features two processed outputs, SD/HD-SDI input, 576i to 1080i/50 or 720p/50 conversion, and 480i to 1080i/59.94 or 720p.59.94 conversion.

Blackmagic Design On-Air


Real-time HD mixing console with the power of Multibridge Extreme; provides a complete live TV production studio; supports two cameras; provides HD-SDI quality, direct recording to disk, graphics keying, genlock outputs and full camera monitoring; is a free software update for all Multibridge Extreme users.

BTX Technologies SnakeJet


An 18-channel, 75V coax video multi-connector; supports HD signals; consists of a breakout box on each end interlinked with an 18-channel HD video coax snake; replaces 18 BNCs; available in 2-, 4- or 10-connector breakout versions.

Canon Console


Software designed for either Canon XL H1 or XL2 cameras; allows professional control over multiple-camera record and play functions; provides menu-driven image control and storage interface for both record and play environments; includes built-in vectorscope and waveform monitoring.

Cinegy air


Completely software-based automation and playout server; relies on open IT architecture; supports all standard video files from DV to 1080i HD MPEG-2 long GOP 4:2:2; control via TCP/IP interconnect; scalable to hundreds of channels; supports closed caption and Dolby E pass-through.

Dielectric TFU-UT


Economical turnstile, low-power broadband UHF antenna; simple feed system; uses two batwings in a turnstile design, eliminating half of the needed feedlines; allows for dual inputs supporting single channel or for the simultaneous broadcast of two or more channels without combiner.

Evertz 7780TSM


A complete embedded hardware-based solution for IPTV stream monitoring; when combined with a Vistalink Pro NMS, system provides tools to continuously and effectively monitor MPEG-2/H.264 signals in any IPTV network; provides auto-response scripting, multicast stream redirect and real-time monitoring; is SNMP-enabled.

FBBT Matador

+44 2890 317990

Business monitoring software; monitors, manages and helps control workflow by collecting, organizing, consolidating and leveraging network data from broadcast production, playout and transmission systems; can reduce salary and training costs of engineers and support staff by 25 percent; reduces disruptions and outages.

Florical Acuitas


A file-based automation and asset management and playback software solution; based on non-proprietary computer hardware; users can ingest, tag, play and archive digital content; supports single, multistation and multichannel environments; auto-reconcile traffic; drag-and-drop operation; is compatible with most legacy equipment.

Hamlet AR2-E8SHD


A rack-mounted 2RU professional audio monitor; decodes eight channels of Dolby E and AC3 from HD-SDI, SD-SDI or AES signals; features LED displays for each HD-SDI or SD-SDI channel; auto sensing inputs, four AES or analog pairs inputs and HD/SD-SDI reclocked output.

Harris PTM-305


Portable, PDA-sized battery-powered personal test and measurement instrument; supports multiple formats; includes two video signal generators, color and waveform monitor, vectorscope and audio analyzer/monitor; features an integrated 320 × 240 color LCD touch-screen display; runs on standard AA batteries for up to four hours.

Holophone H4 Super Mini


A compact surround-sound microphone providing six channels of audio capture; is ideally suited for live-event TV broadcasts; features on-board multichannel pre amps and a virtual surround headphone monitor and encoder; generates matrix-encoded surround-sound output for stereo infrastructures; aux central channel mic XLR input.

Iconix HD-RH1


Miniature multiformat HD camera; supports all popular formats: SDI, DVI-D and analog outputs; offers electronic shutter and enhancement, fully programmable features and functions, 1/3in progressive square CCD capture, c-mount lens and 14-bit quantization; features five user-adjustable gamma settings and three user-programmable scene files.

Image Video IMD-1


A compact video monitor display processor with auto detecting SDI or DVI outputs; supports 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios on both inputs and outputs; offers line-level audio output and four GPI inputs; monitors for frozen and loss of video detection; is compatible with Image Video's line of tally controllers.

Inlet Technologies Semaphore


Comprehensive video analysis software facilitating quality control for Windows Media and VC-1 content; identifies encoding flaws down to the frame level; features stackable graphs on displays, customizable automation and control, user-settable encoding thresholds, which allow immediate identification of errors, and exportable frame-level statistics.

International Datacasting SFX2100


A satellite multimedia server appliance with internal hard drive and multimedia content management and distribution software; features a standard 40GB drive that is upgradable to 120GB; offers easily customized configurations; supports sync, async and terminal interfaces; is part of the SFX2100 series of receivers.



Low-power UHF transmitter; supports analog, digital, DVB and DVB-H standards; outputs 10W to 200W digital; touch-screen LCD display provides telemetry and control; is frequency agile; features a broadband design using LDMOS amplifiers and regulated power supplies; its compact housing with integrated cooling system supports operation under extreme conditions.

Microwave Radio MTX-4000


Companion ENG encoder/modulator for the CodeRunner 2; offers user-selectable COFDM and single-carrier QAM modulation; 50Mb/s in a 12MHz channel or 100Mb/s in a 25MHz channel; connectivity options — IEEE 1394, USB 2.0 and Ethernet; supports SDI, HD-SDI and ASI or analog NTSC/PAL video.

Middle Atlantic TEMP-DEC


A rack-mounted temperature display; monitors internal enclosure temperature and provides an LED readout; fits into any Decora-style opening; features adjustable over temperature setting and local and remote overtemp notification.

Miranda ASI-Bridge CAM


A camera-mounted HDV-to-ASI converter; provides direct transmission of HDV footage or HD recording to an MPEG-2 server; can be combined with the HD-Bridge DEC to create a long-range HDV newsgathering system; accepts HDV via IEEE 1394 connection; supports SD 525/625, HD at 720p and 1080i and ATSC.

Network Electronics SDI-IP-GTW


An IPTV gateway solution for the transmission of uncompressed SDI over an IP network; no compression equipment needed; offers real-time, broadcast-quality contribution and distribution over WAN networks; provides user-selectable FEC modes for high QoS; is transparent to embedded AES audio or other VAC data.

Neutrik OpticalCon


A fiber-optic connector based on standard LC-duplex design; provides safe and rugged connectivity; supports LC connectors or OpticalCon connectors; integrated gold-plated contacts allow the use of up to four copper wires for power or data; features a SMPTE-compatible wire arrangement and additional ground-shell contact.

Omneon MediaGrid


Enterprise-level active storage for large digital media files; combines grid storage and grid computing through the use of multiple intelligent, interconnected and independent storage servers; composed of ContentDirectors and ContentServers; interconnection via redundant GigE; is highly scalable, reliable and manageable.

Popwire Compression Master 4.0

+46 8 726 75 00;

Desktop video encoding platform; converts to and from all common formats, including MPEG-2, MPEG-4, QuickTime, DV, H.264, 3GPP, Flash and Windows Media; supports distribution to satellite, Web, broadcasting, DVD authoring, iPod and 3G mobile phones.

RK Enterprises MMRB-15


Field confidence monitor for news and sports applications; offers a 15in LCD color screen with 1024 × 768 resolution; features a sturdy aluminum housing, RF input and optional 601 input; is standard C-mount camera battery-powered and tripod-mountable; provides 16:9, 4:3 or 16:9 stretch aspect ratio display.

Snell & Wilcox Helios


Software-based conversion platform; runs on open-standards IT hardware; provides Ph.C phase correlation motion estimation; can be used in both stream and file-based domains; capabilities include resizing, reformatting and reshaping of images for maximum viewer impact; supports MXF metadata.



HD camera system offering flexible capture and recording functions, including user-selectable frame and data rates, interlace or progressive capture; up to two hours of storage on 23GB optical Sony Professional Disk media; supports MXF; uses 1/2in Power HAD CCD with 12-bit A/D signal processing.



Audio interface and control surface; supports FireWire and video editing software; includes four high-quality mic preamps with phantom power and compressors, line inputs and digital I/O, unique control surface acts as three surfaces in one — Mackie control protocol, editing surface for NLE applications and a MIDI control surface.

Tektronix Cerify


Automated system for checking/verifying file-based digital video content; automatically checks all aspects of video files, including encoding, standards compliance, resolutions, bit rates, and video and audio quality; supports all standards; logs errors, informs automation systems and transmits e-mails; Web-browser user interface.

Telecast Fiber Systems SCamp


An inline repeater for 311M copper/fiber cable; receives and retransmits optical signals on each fiber at -7dBm; is powered by the camera's base station; features 15dB of new optical budget and integral optical power metering.

Thomson Grass Valley Infinity


A multiformat camera platform; supports 1080i50/60, 720p50/60, 525i/60 and 625i/50; records at DV25, JPEG2000 and MPEG-2 SD and HD; records/plays from integrated REV PRO drive and professional-grade CompactFlash media; supports HD-SDI, CVBS, TC and AES audio; IT-based interfaces include three USB, one FireWire, HDMI display and GigE.

Tiernan HE4000


Dual program video encoder; can simultaneously encode one HD and one SD video stream, as well as up to four stereo audio pairs; supports 1Mb/s to 160Mb/s encoding on 4:2:0/4:2:2 signals; features a two-pass encoding process and built-in video upconverter and downconverters.



Video tester measures gain and EQ levels anywhere in a composite video system; LED readouts make levels easy to read; has BNC connections; 12V AC power supply available.

Wohler Touch-it


An audio and video monitor with router; 7in touch-screen LCD monitor allows users to select from 12 displayed asynchronous composite video inputs and 12 stereo analog audio inputs (audio version only); selectable 4:3/16:9 aspect ratios and active video loop outputs.

VertigoXmedia Xstation


Package to create, schedule and air complete DTV subchannels incorporating national, regional and local content; SD/HD video and graphics; includes hardware, software, data-parsers and asset management; RAID storage; compatible with Xmedia Suite.