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NAB 2015 Test & Measurement Review

If it’s speed you want, put your goggles on. At the show this year, test and measurement equipment was all about speed. With 4K solidly here and 8K on the horizon, test gear capable of 12 Gbps data rates is now on the table. For monitoring and alerting, IP was the technology that brought reliability, affordability, connectivity and compact form factors to the show.


Triveni Digital’s Anthony Flatt (L) discusses the Triveni Streamscope’s ATSC 3.0 offerings with Rohde & Schwarz’s Kim Leaming.AXON debuted their SMART DVB transport stream monitoring product line, a complete suite of tools to monitor, report and analyze live MPEG-2 and DVB transport streams. The company also released Cerebrum v1.11 monitoring and control software, featuring camera/lighting control and control of all major routers.

BLONDER TONGUE arrived with the MTSA-PRO and BTPRO-7000S analyzers, designed to help broadcast, cable, satellite, and IPTV operators deliver the best quality video and audio content.

BRIDGE TECHNOLOGIES launched its Gold TS Reference, which the company says makes monitoring for digital services much quicker to set up, and fault-tracking much faster, more accurate and secure. Gold TS Reference includes all the checks specified in the ETR290 standard, but goes much further to include testing for critical conditions missed by ETR290.

FLUENDO, on the show floor in the SPROCKIT area, showed LongoMatch, a cross-platform, real-time video analysis tool for sports in HD or 4K. Tagtics, video analysis for defense, was also demonstrated.

INTERRA SYSTEMS debuted v6.0 and a “plus” version of its Baton multiplatform, automated content verification (quality control) system for file-based SD, HD, and mixed workflows. New features for Baton 6.0 include ad ditional subtitling and closed caption format support, enhanced 4K and HEVC support, better visual checking, multi-language support for QC reports, and multi-severity quality checks. Baton+ adds data analysis and workflow QC capabilities for multiple Baton systems. The company also showcased its Orion real-time content monitoring system that performs all critical monitoring functions on hundreds of services simultaneously from a single platform.

AJM’S Allan Morris hears all about Tektronix’s QoE and QoS Monitoring from Gord Langdon.MTI FILM demonstrated Dead Pixel Detection and Correction. Dead Pixel can be used for early warning during production, or it can be used during post along with the companion Dead Pixel Correction. Also showcased in the booth were Cortex 2.0 and DRS NOVA 2.0, featuring Color Breathing correction and layered versioning.

NEVION brought the compact TNS4200 media monitoring probe, which offers continuous monitoring of up to several hundred transport streams, enabling fault detection and diagnostics for higher uptimes, across IP/Ethernet and DVB-ASI streams.

QLIGENT showed its monitoring-as-a-service (MaaS) suite for the flagship Vision platform for monitoring the linear TV air chain from the studio. Also showcased were Oversight, a 24/7 RCA-managed service; Point, a standalone version of Vision; Scan, a software-based content verification solution; and Record, a software-based compliance recording solution.

TORQUE VIDEO SYSTEMS launched Torque DVMon, which was designed as an economical monitoring platform for DTV networks. Also demonstrated were Torque Visor, which provides central visibility and remote monitoring of multiple probes; and Torque FPM (FEC Performance Measurement Probe), which can simulate video hit interval.

TRIVENI DIGITAL introduced new closed-caption monitoring and auditing capabilities for the StreamScope RM-40 transport stream monitoring system, to aid in FCC 14-12 compliance. The company also had the StreamScope MT-50 HDT real-time DTV transport stream analysis and troubleshooting tool.

TROLL SYSTEMS showcased the IPM2000 IP Stream Monitor (IPM), which manages, displays, monitors and logs IP packet errors, delays, jitter and faults for video streams moving to and from remote receive sites. The system is designed to help the accuracy of Ethernet video transport streams to and from remote receive sites.

VENERA TECHNOLOGIES showed off their updated Pulsar Automated file-based QC, with formats including MPEG-DASH, IMF and AS-02. The system includes audio/video checks, dual mono, flash frames, Harding PSE and Cadence. Compliance enhancements include closed captions and loudness.

VIDCHECK LTD. brought Vidapps, a plugins for Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, enabling users to check and automatically correct A/V errors. Also demo-ed were Vidchecker auto A/V level QC and correction; Vidchecker-post, which processes one file at a time; Vidfixer, for further correction and transcode; and Vidfixer-post, offering one file at a time.

VOLICON introduced its Observer OTT service monitoring solution, engineered to enable efficient monitoring and troubleshooting of OTT services, and eliminating the need for manual checking of numerous viewing devices.

WORLDCAST SYSTEMS was all about their NMS (Network Management System), which offers an integrated approach to controlling all WorldCast products. The system helps broadcasters map and monitor each stage of their broadcast chain from source to transmission. With automatic discovery, SNMP monitoring and remote ScriptEasy integration, the NMS promotes immediate troubleshooting.

unpacked new cards at the show for openGear, including the Compatible Modular Terminal Gear System 9960-TG2-REF1 dual-channel 3G/HD/SD-SDI test signal generator, featuring “bouncing box” motion patterns, bi-/tri-level sync output, and ancillary timecode generator. Also available in the booth was the 9940-4x1-CS clean bypass router with relay-protected output and GPI/O.

DEKTEC DIGITAL VIDEO B.V. introduced the DTU-315 USB-3 universal modulator, an all-band, all-standards test modulator for USB-3 (powered). Also there, was the Zond 265 HEVC analyzer software for detailed analysis and display of HEVC and AVC bitstreams, and the DTA-2138B DVB-T2 and ISDB-T receiver PCIe card.

HAMLET introduced its Enterprise RF Spectrum analyzer for analyzing HEVC, H.264, MPEG-2 over IP, ASI, OTT streaming services as well as RF. It’s enclosed in a crafted solid aluminum alloy case milled from solid billets, which houses a hi-res display with an intuitive GUI, enabling operational features to be selected at the touch of a finger.

LEADER INSTRUMENTS unveiled the LV7390, the company’s first 4K Rasterizer, featuring eight 3G/HD/SD SDI inputs, the LT8900 multiformat video and sync pulse generator, the LV5490 with CIE1931 Chromaticity chart and Focus Assist.

LYNX TECHNIK showcased the Testor lite 3G, which supports SD/HD/3G 4:2:2 and dual-link video formats. Testor generates two simultaneous outputs, one sync output and generates a 3D test pattern either as two separate signal outputs (left eye, right eye) or one 3G-SDI 1080p dual-stream signal (Level B).

MARSHALL ELECTRONICS demonstrated the Titan V-SG4K-HDI Multi-Format Test Signal Generator, which features an assortment of test signals in a compact and economical package.

PHABRIX showed the Sx-TAG portable analyzer, monitor and generator, the Rx Series 500, 1000, and 2000, and the new Qx, which supports 4K UHDTV up to 12 Gbps.

Adam Schadle of Video Clarity discusses the company’s test equipment offerings with Turner Broadcasting’s Gregory Stigall.ROHDE & SCHWARZ introduced the BMM-810 multiviewer and content monitoring solution for broadcast network and streaming platform operators. The BMM-810 enables visual monitoring of all service components, providing the highest possible picture quality and automatically detects content errors caused by playout, compression or transmission systems.

TEKTRONIX was at the show with the WFM/WVR8000 Waveform Monitors and Rasterizers for 4K Quad-3G-SDI inputs. The units offer a solution for the monitoring and measurement of quad-link 4K/UHDTV1 formats for camera lineup, color grading/correction, QC and facility maintenance. Also demo-ed was the WFM2300 Waveform Monitor with ASI Confidence Monitoring, test signals and more.

VIDEO CLARITY unveiled ClearView Shuttle 4K, a new video quality analyzer for HD video quality-of-service testing. Also new were the ClearView Player 4K Portable, featuring multiple file format decoding and IP stream decoding for recording uncompressed video with 2 TB of storage; and the RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solution.

A.G. FRANZ brought the Narda Test Solutions IDA2, a portable, lightweight spectrum and interference analyzer with a fast sweep time and an up-to-32 MHz bandwidth. Features include smartDF direction-finding mode, which manages triangulation results and displays emitter positions on stored maps.

ALDENA TELECOMUNICAZIONI showed its EMLAB antenna design and coverage software tool, which designs and manage complex array radiation patterns, including calculating the predicted coverage area, and identification of health and safety EM risks.

V-SOFT COMMUNICATIONS showed the Microwave-Pro 2, which has been updated to use the industry standard NSMA OH loss model. Features include bidirectional microwave paths under a single study; newly added allowance for identification of the impact of wind farms and other structures on microwave paths; and fully integrated polygon mapping.