MyAdTV launches Web-based digital signage solution

Software service provider MyAdTV has released its One Click Turnkey Web-based digital advertising solution. Using MyAdTV, with one click, any computer connected to the Internet is converted into a turnkey digital signage system; when the computer is first powered on, the scheduled content will start to play automatically.

The One Click Turnkey mode can be setup on any computer without having to install software, while content is downloaded from MyAdTV's central server into a Web-based application. Wireless desktop or laptop computers work well with this application and can be used at any number of locations. No trained personnel are required to maintain the system.

Storeowners and advertising content designers can sign up for a free starter package to access the service right away. The software takes static images, movie formats, Macromedia Flash and user type-in text as inputs and composes an ad sequence to play as full-screen, dynamic advertising.

Content can be updated and controlled remotely through the user’s account from any computer. The update will take place automatically with no interruption to the display content. Users can subscribe to multiple accounts and establish tiered permissions for a staff to manage various ad campaigns, or for Web designers to create ad content while being able to override any activities within the linked accounts.

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