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Multidyne unveils DVI fiber optic transport link

Multidyne has rolled out the DVI-3000 and DVI-2000 fiber optic transport link for high-resolution DVI video sources.

The DVI-3000 provides a transport solution via four fibers with a maximum transmission distance of 2300ft and a data throughput of 1.6Gb/s with no compression.

The DVI-2000 extends the distance limitations of DVI digital video signals to 328ft. Resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 are support. Cables are available in varying lengths from 32ft to 328ft.

Fiber optic transport allows a sizable distance between a video signal source and the monitor. For example, a computer or imaging device can be in a different location than the monitors.

Systems are available to transport DVI, RGB video as well as audio, keyboard and mouse control.

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